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What to Wear with Boots – Fashion Tips and the Best Looks for Boots

So you’ve got a killer pair of boots and no idea what to wear with them? We’ve all been there. Creating the perfect outfit, complete with footwear and accessories, is similar to creating an artistic masterpiece. Each garment must work with the next, and the shoes and accessories must also play into the big picture. Deciding what to wear with boots can be a tricky dilemma. But, as you learn more about your options and become more comfortable with your own sense of fashion and style, your decisions should become considerably easier.

Boots lend so much to your pre-existing wardrobe. You can wear boots with jeans, skirts, even dresses. Boots come in all shapes and sizes and styles, so you can easily find a pair – or a few pair! – that suit your own style and preferences. Once you’ve added a pair of boots to your collection of footwear, it’s time to decide what to wear with your boots.

Spice up your wardrobe with a pair of sexy boots. Pair fashion with functionality with a pair of rain boots or snow boots. The combinations of what you can wear with boots are virtually endless. Get a little creative, try the same outfits with different boots, and most of all, have fun. Here are some additional tips on what to wear with boots!

AYLA Boots, a designer of custom, calf-fitting knee-high boots, recommends the following thoughts for what to wear with boots.

“Bare knees are sexy, so try wearing discrete socks under your high boots rather than tights with a mini or knee length skirt to show off a little bit of leg.”

“The slimmer the skirt, the sleeker the boot. Don’t wear bulky boots or boots with a thick heel with a slim skirt. It’ll make your leg look shorter and the outfit look disproportionate. If you have wider calves, you can find custom tailored boots at Aylaboots.com to maintain a sleek look.”

“Cowboy boots look great with a-line skirts or loose frock dresses, and you can have fun with them because of their variety of colors and styles.”

“Casual cowboy-style and high moccasin-style fringe boots stand up to some serious trends including being worn outside pants, with minis and over jeans. It’s one thing we love about teen-phenom Miley Cyrus.”

“Flat-heeled boots or riding-boots look great with a preppy style or trench coat dress or even with leggings.”

“Ankle boots pair well with tights when you’re wearing a micro-mini or above-the-knee skirt.  It gives you a longer, sleeker look.”

“If you’re seeking a ‘rocker’ look, booties and ankle boots look best with a short skirt or skinny jeans.”

“Remember to keep your pants hem line long… when wearing boots or heels, it should nearly skim the floor.”  

“Add some pop. Wearing boots or shoes with some bright color, like red or yellow, with a solid outfit will add some fun.”

“Over the knee boots are hot again this year but this time with a high heel rather than a flat one.  The catwalks are showing them paired with tights, micro minis and jeans.”


No matter what you wear with your favorite boots, remember that they add a nice element to your outfit regardless of the style you choose. Have fun deciding what to wear with boots and when to wear your boots. The fall is a wonderful time for boots, and the winter is a great boot season too, although you can show off your favorite boots whenever you want. Keep in mind – comfort, style, and coordination. You’re sure to shine in a fabulous outfit coupled with the perfect pair of boots.    

About the expert:
AYLA Boots (www.aylaboots.com) designs custom, calf-fitting knee-high boots, specially crafted for full-size and ultra-slender women’s calves. Designs by AYLA Boots incorporate fine leather and craftsmanship that focuses on both the foot and the calves.

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