Five Fun End of Summer Party Themes

The sun is shining…the drinks are flowing…what better time to rally up the troops for some summertime fun? Palm tree cooler, available at!When it comes to summer socializing, you can host a party at your own home as a great way to reunite with friends and family, even as the end of summer draws near.

The party themes are virtually endless, but here are our top five end of summer party themes for your entertaining and hosting enjoyment! We’ve included tips for food, drinks, music, and decorations for your end of summer party planning convenience.

Floral Leis, available at!1. Host a Hawaiian Luau. Send off the summer like it is just beginning. What better way to ring in the fall than to gather all your friends to enjoy great food, fun music, and bright decorations. Just follow these simple tips to create the perfect Hawaiian Luau in your own backyard! Don’t forget to order some flower leis for your guests! You can also encourage them to arrive in their favorite tropical or cruise attire, including sundresses and Hawaiian shirts!

Food: Consider a pig roast for a fun and festive theme meal at your Hawaiian Luau. You might also like: Chicken Hawaiian (pineapples and cherries included), rice with sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour meatballs, any kind of fish or seafood dish, especially shrimp cocktail or fried shrimp, fruit salad, and more. Let’s not forget about any vegetarian or vegan guests – be sure to have a nice garden salad, a veggie stirfry, vegetarian baked beans, and possibly one additional tropical dish.

Drink Umbrellas! Available at Mai Tais, pina coladas, Malibu bay breezes, and blue Hawaiians will get your luau off to a great start! Don’t forget some themed tropical glasses for all your friends. As a bonus, check out the palm tree cooler and the great ambiance it can offer to your Hawaiian Luau!

Music: Conjure up something from the Beach Boys collection, throw on some Jimmy Buffett, or rock out with some tribal rhythms or beats from a steel drum band. The right music can really set the scene for your Hawaiian Luau.

Decorations: Sand, seashells, bright tropical colors (neons work great – pink, orange, green, blue, yellow), decorative fish, shellfish, or other tropical creatures, candles, and synthetic or fresh tropical flowers all make for the perfect Hawaiian Luau.

Visit for tropical Hawaiian Luau decorations, music, and more!

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