Classy Hairstyles for Sophisticated Older Women

With the same enduring desire for fashionable and sophisticated hairstyles, mature women want to look great well beyond their 20’s and 30’s. Sophisticated older women can still sport the sexy and sassy hairstyles they’ve always loved, but sometimes a classy new style can revamp and revitalize their looks.

No matter what your age, it’s a great practice to have a few classy hairstyles on hand that you can create at a moment’s notice. You may also have mature and sophisticated hairstyles that you love – but you may need a stylist to help you achieve some of them. Regardless of whether you’ll create your hairstyle or if you plan to have a stylist work with your hair, you are bound to refresh your entire look with the right hairstyle.

Try this sexy mature hairstyle for a lovely look that takes years off your age.Philip Pelusi is the creator of the P2 hair care product line, which he specifically designed for treating aging hair. These products are said to “address aging hair from the inside out and also erase environmental and product damage from years of styling”.

Sexy and Sophisticated Hairstyles for Older Women
When it comes to a hairstyle that really makes a statement, mature women know they may have a little work to do. From stylish mature updos to sleek and smooth or curly down ‘dos, some of the best mature hairstyles truly can be created from the comfort of home.

Philip Pelusi kindly shares the following sexy, sassy, and sophisticated hairstyles for older women. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own hairstyle for yourself at home.

Sleek and Smooth Hairstyle for Older Women
Sleek and smooth, mature hairstyles are great for just about any occasion. To create a sleek and smooth hairstyle, follow these steps:

1.    Shampoo hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
2.    Blow-dry hair smooth by first applying a volume decreasing product to make the cuticle of the hair lay flat and smooth. This will also help the hair stay straight and smooth all night. (Try Philip Pelusi’s new Decrease Smart Styling Treatment.)
3.    After hair is completely dry, flat iron hair with a combination heat protecting and shine product.
4.    Lightly spray each section before flat ironing. (Try Philip Pelusi Brilliant Hair.)

Modern Grecian Updo for Mature Women
For a romantic spin on a classy and elegant hairstyle staple, consider the modern Grecian updo. To create a modern Grecian updo, follow these steps:

Tip: “Updo styles hold longer if hair is shampooed the day or evening before,” Pelusi says.

1.    The night of the event, section off hair into a dry Velcro roller set.
2.    Mist each section of hair with a flexible lightweight holding spray before wrapping into a roller.  (Try Philip Pelusi Fluid Spray.)
3.    After hair has dried, gently unwrap each roller.
4.    Finger thru the hair while applying a hair-molding product that stays flexible and doesn’t dry hard.
5.    Start to pick up sections of hair, twist, mold and pin into place. (Try Philip Pelusi Hair Honey.)

Sexy Chignon for Sophisticated Older Women

Chignons have become widely popular and a rather fun and functional style for women of all ages. To create a sexy chignon for a mature and sophisticated look, follow these steps:

1.    Shampoo hair with a body building shampoo and conditioner.
2.    Apply a hair volumizing product to increase texture and holding power.
3.    Blow-dry hair with a diffuser attachment and lightly scrunch hair with fingers.
4.    Once hair is dry, take 1” sections of hair and lightly mist with a medium hold shaping spray. (Try Philip Pelusi RefresHair).
5.    Wrap a section around a big barrel curling iron and allow to cool.
6.    Curl each section going a different direction. This keeps the look modern and sexy.
7.    After curling the entire head, sweep into a low ponytail and twist remaining hair around it and pin into place.
8.    Allow front pieces to fall forward toward the face.
9.    Lightly mist entire head with shaping spray again.

Loose, Luxurious Curls for Mature Women
Try loose, luxurious curls for a sexy mature look.Whether sultry and seductive or sweet and gentle, curls never go out of style. To create a lovely mature look with loose and luxurious curls, follow these steps:

1.    Shampoo and condition hair with products specifically designed to strengthen and shine longer hairstyles. (Try Philip Pelusi Long gev ity).
2.    Blow-dry hair with a light hair-grooming product like Pelusi’s Potion, which makes hair silky and shiny but does not dry hard.
3.    Pick up 1” to 2” sections of dry hair and lightly mist with a medium hold shaping spray. (Try Philip Pelusi RefresHair).
4.    Wrap a section around a big barrel curling iron and allow to cool.
5.    Finger thru curls and go!

Whether you opt for straight and sleek style, a loose and curly style, or for a chignon or an involved Grecian-style updo, remember to give your hair the cleansing and nourishing it needs to remain vibrant and soft. These are just a few of the countless mature and sophisticated hairstyles that would work great for older women, so add them to your list, but continue to pick up more techniques and additional styles.

We hope you enjoy these sexy and appealing hairstyles!

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