Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Weddings: A Gift Card Shower!

When it comes to second weddings, many brides and grooms are doing things much differently than the first time around. They tend to plan the ceremony and reception to match their interests instead of their families’ preferences, and they often cut costs that they didn’t for their first weddings. When it all comes down to it, second weddings can be just as much fun as first weddings, even as early as the bridal shower!

Bridal shower themes vary widely and often play upon the special interests of the bride. For second weddings, bridesmaids and the family of the bride may want to do things differently than they did the first time. Rather than running through the same bridal shower games and themes, they may decide to do something different with a focus on what the bride really needs. Gift card showers are a great way to present the bride with freedom and flexibility to choose the gifts that make the most sense for her new life with her husband-to-be.

“With many couples on their second or even third marriage, it can be a challenge to find the perfect wedding gift,” said Allie Nichols, an associate account executive for MWW Group who represents Blackhawk Network and its Gift Card Mall. “These couples already own popular gifts such as dishware and blenders and need something different to build a happy home together. A new popular trend among couples on their second marriages is gift card showers, where each guest brings the couple a gift card from a different store.”

Gift card showers let the bridal shower guests – or even wedding guests – contribute to the bride and groom’s life in a truly amazing way. Wedding guests may also wish to opt for a gift card shower approach, especially if the bride and groom decide against organizing a bridal registry.

Gift card showers work nicely for bridal shower themes or for presents offered at second weddings. Especially for those couples who live out of state or out of the country, gift card showers are an excellent alternative to the traditional bridal registry. Gift cards are an easy gift for out-of-town guests to bring with them or to mail from afar. They are also an easy gift for the bride and groom to take home with them if they are not from the immediate area. Gift cards provide a popular wedding present option, as well, for couples who opt for the destination wedding instead of the traditional ceremony and reception.

Gift Cards to Consider for Your Gift Card Shower
• Gift CardBuy at!
•    Target $50 Gift CardBuy at!
•    Target $100 Gift CardBuy at!
•    Target $500 Gift CardBuy at!

“In a recent survey, 47 percent of all respondents said they would be ‘thrilled’ to receive a gift card as a wedding gift because they could buy anything they wanted,” Nichols added. “Gift cards are convenient and allow people to purchase what they really need. Blackhawk Network, a subsidiary of Safeway Corp, provides over 200 brands of gift cards in their Gift Card Mall, ranging from Home Depot to iTunes, all found at your local grocery store.”

TIP: Bridal Shower and Wedding Day Gift Card Showers for Second Weddings
No matter if you decide to host a gift card shower for the bridal shower or simply apply the gift card theme to the wedding day and wedding presents, this element of the event is sure to be a success. Surely a bride and groom celebrating their second wedding will appreciate your thoughtfulness in considering their wants and needs.

•    Wishing Well for Wedding Wishes: For a special effect on the day of the bridal shower or on the actual wedding day, consider setting up a nice wishing well for your special bride. You can paint it with accents of her wedding colors, or decorate it with lace and flowers you know she loves.

•    Birdcage Card Holder: For a classy and somewhat less common gift card collector, look into a pretty white decorative birdcage. A birdcage card holder makes a nice addition to either event – the bridal shower or the wedding reception.

•    Special Keepsake Box: If you are concerned that the bride and groom may not have a special place to keep their wishing well after the wedding has come and gone, consider creating a handmade keepsake box instead. The bride and groom can collect their gift cards in the box on the day of their bridal shower or on their wedding day, and then after the wedding, they can use the keepsake box to store their wedding cards or other special mementos.


Couples who have found each other later in life still appreciate the finer things, and gift cards given as wedding presents allow them to purchase them. Gift cards and gift card showers allow the bride and groom to select gifts they really want and need, with their special gift givers in mind.

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