Anniversary Gift Guide – Modern and Traditional Gifts for Celebrating Each Year of Your Marriage

As you prepare to celebrate your wedding anniversary, don’t forget about selecting the perfect gift – no matter if it is your first anniversary or your 50th. If you want to give your husband or wife a special gift according to the traditional wedding anniversary gift themes or the modern wedding anniversary gift themes, this anniversary gift guide will help you to select an item that is a good match for your mate.
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Celebrate each year of your marriage with a special anniversary gift according to the traditional themes or the contemporary gift themes. It can become a fun tradition for you and your sweetheart to see who comes up with what kind of great ideas for celebrating according to the year of your marriage. Even if you have another special anniversary gift in mind for your spouse, you can still accent the gift with a present selected according to the traditional or modern themed anniversary gift list.

If you find that you still cannot decide upon the perfect gift for your husband or wife in the traditional theme or contemporary theme, there is nothing wrong with going out on your own to find a gift that better suits your sweetheart’s personality, interests, or needs. Remember, in gift giving – even for anniversaries – it is the thought that counts!

Here is a list of the traditional anniversary gifts and the more contemporary wedding anniversary gifts:

 Anniversary YearTraditional Themes Contemporary /
Modern Themes
 3rdLeatherCrystal / Glass
 4thFruit / FlowersAppliances
 6thSugar, Candy, IronCandy / Iron
 7thCopper / WoolDesk sets
 8thBronze / PotteryBronze / Pottery
 9thPottery / WillowLinen / Lace
 12thSilk / LinenPearls
 13thLaceTextiles / Fur
 14thIvoryGold Jewelry
 60thDiamondDiamond Jubilee

The First Year: Your First Wedding Anniversary!
Wow – where did all the time go? It seems that only yesterday you were planning your wedding, and now here you are getting ready to celebrate your first wedding anniversary! Time goes by when you’re having fun, as they say, and now you’ve got a major decision on your hands. How will you set the stage for your future years of swapping anniversary gifts?

To celebrate your first wedding anniversary, consider a gift that shows your spouse how much he or she means to you. You can offer a traditional first wedding anniversary gift of paper, such as artwork or travel vouchers, or you can select a modern first wedding anniversary gift such as a wall clock or desk clock.

If you can’t find an appropriate paper anniversary gift to celebrate your first year together – or if you just don’t want to follow these traditions – you can easily find a great gift for your partner with a little creativity and a bit of shopping. Just don’t forget that first anniversary greeting card!

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