October and Beyond Shopping – Purchases of These Products Include a Donation to Breast Cancer Research and Support Groups

October is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Countless businesses do their part to help a good cause, and many individuals do the same. Auxier Gas has a pink delivery truck for Breast Cancer Awareness.While Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place in the month of October, there are many things we can do to support Breast Cancer research and prevention all throughout the year. Check out this guide to do your part and contribute to the Breast Cancer prevention, research, and Awareness.

More companies than we can count are making their own contributions to the fight for a cure for Breast Cancer. From stand-alone local businesses to national corporations and everything in between, everyone wants to be a part of this great cause. As an example, Auxier Gas recently debuted its famous pink delivery truck to deliver propane to its customers in 11 counties in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. The truck’s plan is to “drive early detection of breast cancer and awareness among current customers and the community at large”. When 2008 comes to a close, a portion of all the propane sales delivered by the pink truck will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Auxier Gas also has its own Think Pink Grillers, a philanthropic barbeque team that will attend community events to raise money for the same charity throughout the fall.

As another example of a local business doing its part, Pilates People Physical Therapy and Fitness in San Diego, CA (www.pilates-people.com) initiated a program known as “Pilates for PINK,” which is raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through sales of tank tops, toe sox, and selected Pilates for PINK classes, as well as a raffle for a cure where the winner receives a deluxe package of services valued at $290.

“One of the most rewarding gifts you can give is to make a financial contribution to a good cause, and this has become easier and quicker as organizations facilitate online donations,” said Heather Cabot, Yahoo! Web Life Editor.  “Because we are making financial contributions to such personal causes, we want to ensure that our money benefits the right organization and is kept out of the pockets of scammers.”

On that note, those looking to make donations may want to check out Charity Navigator, the country’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, “not all of the nation’s largest Breast Cancer charities are operating efficiently.” Charity Navigator rated more than 20 breast cancer organizations that collectively raise more than $1 billion per year in contributions to fight Breast Cancer. Interestingly, Charity Navigator’s research points out that a number of the organizations do not manage expenses or deliver aid as efficiently as they could.

Charity Navigator’s list of charities with accompanying financial data and ratings is available online for free at www.charitynavigator.org/breastcancer.

“During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, consumers are overwhelmed with opportunities to purchase products that support breast cancer charities,” says Sandra Miniutti, Vice President of Marketing for Charity Navigator. “But if you really want your consumer purchases to make a philanthropic impact, then you need to do your homework and not simply buy the item because it is emblazoned with a pink ribbon. If you can’t discern exactly how much of your purchase will end up in the charity’s coffers, and if you’re not willing to make a direct contribution to the affiliated charity, then don’t buy the product. Instead write a check to a well-run breast cancer charity.”

Of course, if you do want to buy Breast Cancer Awareness gear and apparel, you can check the charity out on Charity Navigator. To follow are a number of exciting “pink ribbon” items that contribute to Breast Cancer research and prevention when purchased during the month of October, or in some cases, at any time. Check out our categories of items and products that donate toward Breast Cancer Awareness, research, and prevention:

From clothing to accessories and more, you can make a difference while changing up your wardrobe or your current look. Check out clothing for yourself, your kids, and other loved ones, and don’t forget the neat accessories listed here. Your purchase makes a difference in the effort these companies are making to contribute toward various Breast Cancer organizations.

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