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Fashion Tips to Look Taller and Thinner

Did you know that you are considered “petite” if you stack up 5’4” or shorter? Many women don’t mind being a shorter height, “good things come in small packages,” you know. But ask yourself this: Have you ever worn high heels and wound up with terrible foot aches within hours? If you’ve ever wished you could look taller, read on for tips to creating an illusory image that conveys tallness.

Rock out with vertical stripes and lines!

Whether you choose pleats, patterns, or plain old stripes, you’ll love the illusion of added height you get from fashions boasting vertical lines. They elongate your body while also giving you a slimmer, trimmer appearance.

Add other vertical elements into your wardrobe.

Try button-down shirts and sweaters, zip-front apparel and racing stripes. Get a little sexy with a slit in your skirt – front, back, or side will do just fine. Pinstripes are totally trendy, but you can also sport beads, embroidery, pretty patterns, corduroy, and any number of creative customization options in a vertical format. Ribbed patterns and pleats also add to the vertical aspect.

Wear a v-neck shirt or sweater for the appearance of added height.

The v-neck gives an illusion of a longer torso, a perfect help to those wanting to use fashion to help them look taller. A v-neck also draws attention to the bust, which can be a plus for those looking to appear thinner.

Introduce accessories that will add height to your image or distract from your “problem areas.”

Silky scarves, dangling earrings and long pendants, pearls or necklaces should give a nice boost to your stature. Accessories like sunglasses, hats, barrettes and shawls can also add to the height factor as well as making your overall appearance more interesting.

When selecting pants, choose those that fit properly and brush the tops of your shoes.

Your pants should definitely cover your socks, creating an appearance of longer legs. Some trendy pants of varying lengths (for example, capris or floods) may not be the best for you if you are trying to add the illusion of height to your physique. Find pants that fit comfortably but give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Dark pants, especially black slacks, can help to trim down your curves.

Create a few true extra inches with platforms or high heels.

Depending on the rest of your outfit and the particular shoe types in style at the moment, you can judge if the chunky heels, stiletto heels, or platform sandals will work best. Don’t forget about the timeless value of a nice pair of boots! Every girl’s wardrobe should contain a staple of shoes – blacks and browns, summer and winter styles, open-toe, closed-toe, and boots. If your feet become sensitive to pressure easily, consider wearing platforms over heels, or just skip the stylish shoes altogether and opt for flats.

Worry less about the things you can’t change and focus on the things you can change.

Finally, when everything is said and done, the perfect dress or suit can really make the occasion. Put your main focus on coordinating the perfect outfit – from the clothing itself to the best shoes, purse, and accessories you can find.

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Tips to Help You Achieve a Thinner Look

Contrary to the belief that bigger clothing will disguise the fact that your figure carries a few extra pounds, it actually makes you look larger. Wearing a size 14, when in fact you only wear a size 12, may hide the fact that your tummy boasts the same span of inches as your bust, but it also makes you look like a size 14 with the expense of imaginary pounds.

Equally incorrect is the fallacy that wearing a smaller size will make your physique appear smaller than it is. Wearing a size smaller than you should shows off every extra bit of fat you have. The correct clothing size may not take off or hide those extra pounds, but it certainly won’t add any.

Possibly some of the best advice to looking thinner echoes the words we often heard in our childhood: stand up straight. With your shoulders back, your head held high, and your back straight, you will not only appear self-confident, but also thinner.

Now let’s tackle the issue of what you wear.

Create an illusion of slimness with a few easy to follow guidelines.

• Wear medium to high heels to elongate your physique and add length rather than pounds.

• Never wear pleats if the tummy needs to keep itself inconspicuous.

• If the legs and thighs need a slimmer look, then wear narrow cut pants. Baggy pants simply add pounds to your appearance.

• Avoid unsightly bunching up. Wear bias-cut skirts and dresses that provide a smoother fit.

• Generous thighs can readily be disguised by wearing a straight skirt or dress that stops at the knee.

• Generous thighs can also be disguised by wearing a larger top and very streamlined pants.

• Boatneck tops and dresses, as well as small, colorful scarves, will draw the eyes upward and away from the torso and thighs.

• Go for shaped outfits rather than clingy. Clingy outfits do exactly that — cling to every bit of bulge and show it off for everyone to see.

Remember to express yourself in the best way possible – hide your shortcomings, show off your assets, and smile!

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