Classy and Sophisticated Jewelry for Mature Women

Classy and sophisticated jewelry pieces for mature women do not automatically equate to oversized broaches or large clip-on earrings. As a classy and demure older woman, Zavida Gemstones Smoky Topaz with Gold Overlay Clasp Necklaceyou can really show off some stylish and truly lovely jewelry items and accessories without feeling a day past 30. Depending on your own style preferences and tastes, you can consider countless types and genres of jewelry to find a mature and elegant piece that suits you best.

Part of the fun of selecting the perfect piece of jewelry boasting mature sophistication involves the actual hunt for the right piece. You can find classy and elegant jewelry items just about anywhere if you look hard enough… at your favorite department store, online at any of countless retailers, at, or even at a local antique shop. You may also enlist your husband, significant other, or family members to help you in finding beautiful pieces of jewelry for mature women.

As you search for classy and sophisticated jewelry designed with mature women in mind, remember to keep your wardrobe in mind as well. Some jewelry fashions look great with just about anything, while others may be best kept for special occasions.Star Sapphire pendant, available at Amazon.comThink about the purpose of your jewelry and the frequency with which you expect to wear it, and finding the best mature jewelry items should be a snap.

The ladies of Zavida Gemstones recommend the following tips for sassy and sexy older women to create their own classy and sophisticated jewelry look:

Fancy shell bracelet, available at ZavidaGemstones.comAccent Your Jewelry with Story Pieces.
“Everyone loves good conversation, and an interesting piece of jewelry can be just the item to spur a lively chat. Items that originate from exotic places or have a special meaning to the wearer are not only great conversation pieces, but also keep your favorite experiences close to your heart. If something seems outdated, try refashioning old heirloom pieces into modern new takes that incorporate the sentimental gemstones.”

A stunning Star Sapphire pendant (available at would bring more life into just about any outfit!

Beautiful blue opal studs, available at Amazon.comHold True to the Chic Classics.
“Although it’s fun to accessorize with fresh trends, timeless pieces look graceful and elegant on older women. But it doesn’t have to be boring! For a modern approach, try pairing pearls with other layered necklaces and bracelets that complement each other. Also, avoid being too matchy-matchy with outdated earring and necklace sets. The best pairings are often those that are unexpected, so couple your favorite studs with a bold necklace or try different textures together, but within the same color palette.”

Consider a pair of blue opal studs to brighten up your look, available at

Don’t Forget the Seasonal Fashions.
“Stay tuned to the latest seasonal looks – with a jewelry collection built over time, you’re bound to have a few perfect pieces as a base. For instance, this fall, pull out earthy and nature-inspired pieces, such wooden beads from yesteryear. And, get out the yellow gold! Previously overshadowed by popular platinum, classic gold is making a big comeback. Pair your old favorites with fun gemstone pieces that will complement this season’s must have hues.”

For a funky wooden beaded bracelet, check out

Bold is Beautiful.
“Use bold, colorful jewelry to highlight favorite outfits — nothing says hot mama (or grand-mama) like a large statement piece that brightens an entire ensemble. Large chunky bracelets and enormous gemstone beads strung on necklaces can add dimension and excitement to an otherwise subtle outfit, and provide an easy way to showcase personal flair and pizzazz.”

Stunning shell bracelet, available at Red Genuine Sea Bamboo Coral Chunky Bracelet, available at Amber Bangle Bracelet Set, available at Triple Strand Turquoise Multi-Stone Necklace, available at

For examples of some classy and sophisticated jewelry pieces for mature women, you can check out the jewelry on the Zavida Gemstones Web site or at a
number of other online retailers, such as and

About the Experts: Zavida Gemstones is a company that sprung from the owners’ dream to combine a love of gemstones and jewelry with a passion for helping people less fortunate than themselves, and to make a living while doing it. Zavida Gemstones eliminates the middleman while giving the quarry workers and artisans a chance to create better lives for themselves. For more information, please see

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