Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Chic, Mature Women

When it all comes down to it, women want to look good no matter what their age. Older women are turning to sophisticated and chic younger styles and pulling them off very well. Younger women are turning to vintage styles and throwbacks that others had long since forgotten. From clothing to accessories to jewelry and more, the styles and fashion trends of today, yesterday, and tomorrow truly do move through a circle of life.

Here are some sophisticated fashion tips for classy, mature women, compliments of Karen Hipwell of Karen Warren Ltd. Karen Hipwell is an expert in the fashion field, especially on the topic of dress and accessories for older women.

“Older women today are younger looking and much more sophisticated,” says Karen Hipwell, President of Karen Warren Ltd. “Style conscious and hip, women today put beauty and comfort at the top of their list. Whether it is the match look or staying with one tone or perhaps the mix and match alternative, the elder woman of today promises to be ultra fashionable.”

Classy and Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Mature Women: Styles, Fabrics, and Colors
“For a special occasion, gowns are softer offering a lighter fabric, continuing to cover appropriately, yet daring a style or two of a younger appeal,” Hipwell says. “Separates extend the wardrobe after the party is over while the sophistication of a shorter suit or flare front wide leg pants supports a cocktail party, charity event, or vacation elegance.”

Classy fashion tips for women often begin with styles, fabrics, and colors of clothing. This year, Hipwell suggests bolder colors, such as corals, slate blue, lilac, and champagne. When springtime rolls around, she expects to see pinks, greens, yellows, black, and white. She points out that silk dupioni, summer linen, lace, and classic chiffon are the fabrics in fashion for mature women right now.

When it comes to styles of the classy and sophisticated clothing, Hipwell encourages older women to consider elegant separates and a variety of gown styles, from classic gowns to halter or even conservative cut spaghetti strap gowns. For elegant separates, she says to go for clothing that is “designed with classic elegance in mind.”

“Chiffon overlay skirts soften bodylines and offer an air of elegance while wearing a wrap to complete the look,” she adds. “Mix and match skirts and wide-leg pants, with tops, jackets, and cocktail coats.”

Confidently Wearing Classy and Mature Fashions
When women feel good about what they are wearing, it shows. Through their moods, their posture, and their attitudes, women can convey a confident air, stemming from the sophisticated fashions they choose to try. Piecing together an outfit can be a bit of a task, but the result is a truly fashion forward and fabulous look that speaks volumes for the styles and tastes of those who take the time to put it all together.

“Older women today are glamorous and romantic, showing us sophistication and elegance, supporting the role of the elder and walking with pride,” Hipwell shares. “Our collection offers beautiful fabrics, flattering lines and quality workmanship accentuating the positive and giving an older woman a creation they will want to wear again and again.”

One Fashion Must-Have for Every Mature Woman

Karen Hipwell recommends the versatile cocktail coat as the one item every mature, sophisticated woman should have in her wardrobe. Hipwell calls the cocktail coat “the perfect complement to every outfit.”

“The seven-buttoned knee-length coat is available in every color in either silk dupioni or linen and features a distinctive tie-back bow,” she explains. “Popular this season is the polka dot linen coat. It is showing well in lime and fuschia, and currently arriving in high-end boutiques across the country. The coat is designed to take the sophisticated woman from lunch to dinner and is a hit when paired with jeans and a simple top.”

“The cocktail coat has emerged as a real exciting trend,” she adds. “The coat is reminiscent of the elegance of the past when women dressed up, yet it has a modern flair. It is a very versatile piece that adds value to every wardrobe and makes a statement when worn.”

Mature Fashion Tip – It’s All about How You Wear It
When it comes to mature fashion – or fashion in general for that matter – it all boils down to how you wear it. A number of outfits can work completely differently based on how you accessorize or how you accent them with other fabrics, textures, or colors. You can stretch your wardrobe so many ways with a little creativity!

“Karen Warren LTD offers a variety of colors, fabrics, styles and lengths that flatter every figure,” Hipwell notes. “Many of the styles are offered in ankle and short lengths and customers can pick their own mood setting colors.”

A sleeveless silk dupioni shell with a built in sash offers a number of looks depending on how you tie the sash. It’s feminine and formal when tied in the front into a bow. A more tailored look comes to life as the sash ties in the back and drapes along the skirt. Finally, the same top becomes a lesson in classic simplicity when wrapped around as a sash and paired with silk pants or capris.

When pairing the top with a skirt in the same fabric and color, women can create the illusion of a formal dress. A classic look in silk dupioni is always in style with a simple taupe top and black skirt and sash. It is offered in a number of stunning color combinations for the more sophisticated woman. The separates also offer a better fit with the option of different sizes for top and bottoms.”

About the Expert: Karen and Warren Hipwell create the design team for Karen Warren Ltd. The Karen Warren Contemporary Designer Clothing line is best known for its special occasion dresses and popular resort / cruise wear and casual lines, which it sells to more than 253 retail locations throughout the United States. For more information, please see

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