Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Great Halloween Costume

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year for all ages. While the novelty of trick-or-treating wears off with age, costume parties are something we can enjoy for our entire lives. Wicked Witch costume, by Shirley of HollywoodWhen adults dress up for a Halloween party, they can choose costumes that align with their favorite things or even their fantasies.

As you begin the selection process for your Halloween costume, you should consider a few things to help you make your decision.

As you start thinking about your Halloween costume for this year, give yourself some time to get creative and to shop around for the perfect costume. Consider these five tips from Shirley of Hollywood, a boutique manufacturer and designer of costumes and lingerie fashions and accessories.

Shirley’s Top Five Tips on Halloween Costumes: 
Shirley of Hollywood offers the following tips for choosing the perfect Halloween costume this year:

Night nurse, by Shirley of Hollywood1. Accessories! Like any outfit, it’s all about accessories for Halloween. For instance, if you dress up like Little Miss Muffet, don’t just stop at wearing a frilly dress. Shirley of Hollywood’s Little Miss Muffet costume comes with a lace up dress, hanging spider, cotton cap, a ribbon tie choker and spoon, while our Roman Emperor costume comes with tunic, cape, breast plate, golden leaf crown, imitation leather ciraso and sword.  And you can add you own to finish your look with things like long satin gloves, boas, bling, boots and vintage shoes and fishnet or sheer hosiery.

2. Connection to Pop Culture. Costumes that connect to current pop culture and trends are always a hit. This year, keep your eyes open for Speed Racer & Trixie, Wizards (with the highly anticipated release of the final Harry Potter film), Olympic-themes, Wicked Witchy Woman or Glinda the Goody Goody Witch paired with Shirley’s Tinsel Town Tin Man plus great time period pieces — from Napoleon to Musketeers, Old English King & Queen, Scotsman & Scottish Lassie, Gangsters, and of course, the ever-popular cowboy / cowgirl and cave man / cave girl ensembles.

3.  Colorful Wigs… Wigs are a great addition to any Halloween costume. They really help ignite the fantasy of taking on an alter ego for the night. Shirley of Hollywood offers a range of wigs in all colors and lengths. Plus, a wig can be worn any time of year if you decide to get a little funky.

Cowboy and Cowgirl, by Shirley of Hollywood4.  Try Couples Costumes! Shirley of Hollywood has great his and her costumes. Some couples’ costume ideas: French Majesty and Miss Antoinette, Phantom of the Opera and Phantom’s Bride, Wizards, Gangsters, Scotsman and Scottish Lassie, King and Queen, Matador and Bull Fighter, Speed Racer or Racer X with Trixie, Musketeers, Pirates, Elvis paired with a Vegas Showgirl, Queen of the Nile and Roman Emperor, Pimp and “pimpette”, Cop and Inmate, and Man of the Mansion and hot bunny.

5. Emphasize Comfort. Approachable textures, breathable fabrics, and body-clinging yet functioning materials will let you live it up past midnight.

French maid, available from Shirley of Hollywood“Follow your fantasies, wherever they lead,” says Shirley’s President Roy Schlobohm. “That’s what Shirley’s Halloween Collection is all about. With Shirley, you can escape to Wonderland, be swept back to the French Revolution, engage in swashbuckling duel with the Pirates of the Caribbean or find grand passion as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Get a taste of the wild, wild, wild West in the Shirley Saloon, join the Circus, Circus, or dress up as a French maid and sweep the Man of the Manor away. Halloween is the time to unleash your inhibitions and let your imagination soar.”

Keep these five tips in mind as you plan your Halloween costume and you should be off to a good start for picking the perfect costume. To help give yourself some additional ideas on costumes to consider, check Shirley’s Halloween collection online.

About the Expert: Shirley of Hollywood is a boutique manufacturer and designer of fine lingerie, accessories, and costumes. Shirley’s collections include corsets, babydolls, legwear, Halloween costumes, bras, robes, and other undergarments, to name a few. For more information or to browse Shirley’s catalogs, visit online at

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