Favorite Hair Styling Tips from Life Love Beauty Readers

Life Love Beauty recently teamed up with African Pride to host a contest that involved sharing your favorite hairstyle or hair care tip. We received a number of really great tips, which we will share with you in two articles.

Our readers made suggestions on both curly and straight hairstyles, as well as drying techniques, styling, and more. Many agreed on the importance of moisturizing your hair and deep-conditioning.

In addition to these common hair styling suggestions, we also received a number of creative recommendations for how to keep hair beautifully styled and strong. Read on for some of the top suggestions on how to keep your hairstyle looking great all the time:

Favorite Hair Tips for Curly Hair
“I love walking around with curly hair so my favorite curling routine is very simple. I wash my hair once a week instead of daily. I towel it dry and use a diffuser when blow drying my hair and a leave-in treatment to prevent breakage. I also use detangling cream to polish my hair and a mini curling iron to accentuate individual curls.”
–    Tip by Marilyn Lewis

“My favorite hairstyle would have to be a braid-out. To do a braid-out, you first wet the hair a bit, and apply your desired product onto your hair. A product made for enhanced curl may make your curls more defined. I prefer to use something creamy and moisturizing, and some oil to give it sheen and seal in the moisture from the moisturizer I put in.

Then, you part the hair down the middle (or make a part on each side if you want to make three braids) and french braid whichever side you’re comfortable with first. Do the same to the other side, and either go under a hot dryer for thirty minutes to an hour, or you can leave it braided all day/night, and take the braids out the next day.

Then, you undo the braids and either shake it out (which still may require some fixing up afterwards), or finger comb the curls until you get your desired style. I like to clip the hair up in the front sometimes, or I take bobby pins and pin my bangs to the side, which I find is so cute and can help hide a big forehead.”
–    Tip by Sheba Stafford

“My hair tip has to do with styling technique. When yo blow-dry your hair before curling, you should blow dry it to a point where there is still a slight bit of moisture left in your hair. By not blow-drying your hair completely dry before curling and styling, this will allow you to use less heat for less time in order to curl your hair.

It’s kind of like when you iron cloths, if they are very slightly damp before ironing, or if completely dry if you spray them a little with a water bottle just before ironing. Doing this, your hair will take an iron quicker and hold the press longer than when you iron an item that is completely dry. If your hair is already dry, what you can do is just give it a very light misting with a water spray bottle to bring up its moisture level before curling.”
–    Tip by Clarissa La

Favorite Hair Tips for Straight Hair
“To achieve straight hair and maintain it straight, the following steps need to be taken:

1.    Trim your ends as often as your stylist recommends. Your regular stylist gets to know your hair almost better than you, trust the professional. Ends that don’t split result in healthier hair. This step is number one because it’s literally the most important.

2.    Use proper heat styling precautions. Put a thermal styling product on damp hair. Blow dry hair in small sections from the root to tip only, don’t start in the middle down, and don’t blast your ends for prolonged periods of time. Make sure your hair is 100% DRY.

3.    Follow with a good ceramic flat iron, it is very true that you get what you pay for here. Don’t get some cheapo flat iron, that’s going to constantly snag your hair. That will cause breakage, the very breakage you are trying to prevent by getting your ends cared for on a regular basis.

4.    After flat ironing in small sections, follow with a silicone based styling product, sparingly!

5.    Wrap your hair or use a silk pillowcase when you go to bed.

All these steps should help you maintain straight hair if you prefer not to relax or perm it, and it will also help you maintain that glossy look you love if you do get your hair relaxed frequently.  If your hair gets blasted daily with high heat, I highly recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week if not twice, and if you can roller set your hair and let it air dry on those days you’ll find your hair much healthier, as well as your scalp.”
–    Tip by Tracy Iglesias

“Tip – My favorite way of straightening my hair is to flat iron it bone-straight. I usually wash and dry my hair with hair moisturizer. Then I take a rat tail comb and hold it with my flat iron and straighten my hair, detangling it at the same time.”
–    Tip by Yashica McArthur

Favorite Hairstyles
“My favorite hair style to wear would be a bob. The look is so classic, but yet still so trendy. Once my hair is cut in a sleek bob, there are so many different styles that I can rock. I can change it up from straight and sophisticated to curly and playful.

I have been rocking a bob for years. Sometimes it is shorter and sometimes it is longer. No matter what length, it still looks wonderful.

I prefer a nice even cut. To change it up, I may bump it at the top, give it a flip, or wear it flat to the head. A bob has so many endless possibilities. Sometimes I even add a little color to give it that extra umph. The best thing about a bob, is that it looks great on almost any face shape.

Bobs are easy to care for. Keeping it wrapped, moisturized, and covering with a scarf helps keep the style healthy and gives it great body.

I can’t think of a better hairstyle.”
–    Tip by Harriett Talford

“I think ‘natural’ hair is beginning to become the thing (it). From fro to dred (ms) I have left the perm, curl, etc. alone for quite a while now and I’m loving it. No more getting up in the morning and making sure your hair looks the same as when you left the salon.”
–    Tip by FC Henley

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