Favorite Hair Care Tips from Life Love Beauty Readers

Recently, Life Love Beauty hosted a contest for a chance to win African Pride Hair Care Products by submitting your favorite hairstyle or hair care tip. We received a number of really great tips, which we will share with you in two articles.

Many readers agreed on the following tips:
•    Use a leave-in conditioner.
•    Air dry hair when possible.
•    Keep hair’s ends trimmed on a regular basis.

In addition to these common hair care and styling recommendations, we also received a number of unique suggestions for how to keep hair beautiful and strong. Read on for some of the top suggestions on how to keep your hair feeling and looking great all the time:

Favorite Hair Care Tips:
“My favorite hair care tip is to put essential oil in your hairspray. I use peppermint to wake me up but you can use any fragrance. Make sure you have hairspray in a bottle with a removal top. The canned hairspray does not work.”
–    Tip by Karen Mead

“My Favorite Way of making my hair manageble yet smooth is to wash it wrap it, sit under the dryer, then Blow dry it, and then use my Favorite flat iron, which is Revlon; this may sound like a lot of work, but it really makes the hair look like you have been to the shop to have it done, even on those weeks when money is a little tight, it really makes it silky.”
–    Tip by Torrie Gissendanner

“My hair care tip would be to keep a balance between protein and moisture so your hair stays in perfect health. Also, deep conditioning weekly, if possible will definitely keep your hair in good shape, and stay away from over manipulating it because that can cause split ends which can prevent the hair from retaining length.”
–    Tip by Sheba Stafford

Get great beauty items at Amazon.com!“The best thing that I can tell anyone to do is condition, condition, condition!! My hair usually does what I want it to but my son’s has a mind of its own. We are letting it grow out until he decides to cut it (he’s 3 now) and it goes down to the middle of his back. I spend so much time conditioning that hair!”
–    Tip by Autumn Howard

“Tip: After shampooing I rinse my hair in cool (not hot) water.”
–    Tip by Teresa Nelson

“I use an oil based conditioner VO5 ends of my hair before adding styling products – it prevents split ends and frizz.”
–    Tip by Mary Beth Isaac

“I use heating treatments to protect my scalp and hair.  The heat from blow drying, curling irons, and so on…can really damage your hair. I try to protect it as much as I can.  So, this is why I always apply a treatment before I use heat.”
–    Tip by Charity Smith

“My Tip – Keep it simple and don’t try too much at once.”
–    Tip by Chrysa Duran

“I have very long color treated and highlighted hair. It is quite coarse and tends to get frizzy.  A couple times a month, I take 1/2 cup of regular mayonnaise and apply it throughout my hair while it is dry, and I keep it on for about 1/2 an hour. I then shampoo it out.

At first you do not feel as though you removed the mayo out of your hair thoroughly, because it will feel a little greasy, but if you rewash your hair the next morning it will feel so smooth and silky and you will absolutely be thrilled with the results.  Your hair will be revived, all the dryness will be gone and no more frizzies!”
–    Tip by Joanna Smith

“I have learned how to take care of my hair through trial and error. Sometimes my errors have caused me more than the loss of hair. I now follow 4 basic rules that I entitled – NAME.

I NEVER use heat on my hair. I have thrown away my curling irons, my crimping irons, my flat irons, etc. I have had my share of burnt hair, fingers, ears and neck.

I ALWAYS sleep with a silk scarf and preferably a silk pillowcase. I don’t know why it works but it does.

I keep MOISTURE in my hair through oil, grease, creams, etc.

And lastly I ENJOY my hair. We always take better care of those things that we enjoy.  When I take care of my hair my hair takes care of me.”
–    Tip by Velma Greene

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