Curling for Any Occasion – Perms, Curling Irons, and Hot Rollers

Whether you want springy ringlets or sweeping spirals, a few different methods of curling hair can give you your desired look, even if you are a first-timer.

Remember the nights of “ouch”-ing away as your mom, aunt, or grandmother twisted those pink foamy curlers (or the metal ones with the rolly-ball, or something similar) into your hair just before you went to bed? Then up went the hair scarf, tying them tightly pressed against your scalp, making you long for sleep as soon as humanly possible. Thankfully, largely due to advancements in beauty know-how, so many other ways to curl hair exist, allowing women to get great curly looks easily and painlessly.

Do you want a Perm-anent look?
If you answered yes to this, look no further. Schedule an appointment with your hairstylist and decide what look you want to achieve. Do you like your hair at its current length and cut or would you prefer to get it shorter or layered? Can you accept the risks involved in the event that your hair does not turn out as you expect it to, leaving you with that sudden style for months or more, unless you cut it…? What if your hair gets damaged? These are questions you must ask yourself prior to getting a perm.

Curly hair at the salon is a piece of cake, but can you do your own curls?As technology has progressed over the past decade or so, perms have endured a number of changes since their inception in the early days. First, the malodorous scent of perms from years ago no longer haunts those who set foot into a stylist’s lair. Furthermore, perms, now sometimes known as “chemical texture service”, are healthier for your locks and contain more natural and herbal components than before.

Do realize that by getting a perm, your hair will still undergo some stress. Women with fine or damaged hair might not wish to have their hair treated with this procedure due to the possibility of a botched perm. Some hair types and certain conditions – such as pregnancy and recently having given birth, recent hair highlighting or color treatments, straightening, etc. – may cause a person to be a potentially poor candidate for perming. Sometimes risk may be involved with getting a perm, so everyone interested, especially women with long hair, should consider all the possible results, because it takes such a while to grow tresses so long! The trouble is that once the perm has been completed, the hairstyle is there to stay for at least a couple of weeks, if not longer.

Perms can be a great beauty band-aid in the sense that less time is required to keep them looking great and they really give a tired style a new and exciting jolt. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons and consult with your stylist prior to making any hasty decisions, because the perm treatment is the most permanent of all those contained in this article.


Which to use… Curling Iron or Hot Rollers?
– Though both of these beauty devices require time to heat up, the hot rollers may take a bit longer as the wax that is often inside them needs to melt in order for them to be effective.

– Curling irons work great for specific areas of hair, like curling ends under or flipping them out, or even creating a few spirals to dress up a formal look.Hot rollers may work best when one wishes to curl her entire head.

– The readiness of hot rollers is generally indicated by a coloring change on the curler itself. Once the wax has melted it should change to a different shade, returning to its original hue once the curls have set and the wax has cooled.

– With a curling iron, one can choose to create tight ringlet curls or loose spiral curls, or a combination of both. With hot rollers this becomes a bit more difficult as the curls typically come out tighter, but can be brushed out to achieve the desired result.

– If traveling becomes an issue, curling irons can fit easily in luggage or a carry-on and require only an electric outlet. Counter space and more preparation and cleanup time are required for the hot rollers set.

– If a full head of curly locks is desired, hot rollers may be the way to go. The rate of success for keeping the curls intact all night may also be greater by using the hot rollers.

– Hot rollers will probably need about 10 minutes to heat up and 15 minutes or so for application time, followed by about 15 minutes to cool down and set the curls.

– Curling iron times may vary based on length of hair and desired style. Approximate times may be anywhere from five to 45 minutes or more.

– Conclusion: Based on differing hair types and desired results, women should try both approaches on separate occasions to see which their hair responds to best and which they like better.

Finally, if your hair has a natural curl or wave to it, use some styling products like gels and mousses to bring the coils and twists out even more. By turning your head upside-down and using the blow dryer after massaging in some gel or mousse, your hair should pick up more volume than it normally has, making the curls and waves even more noticeable.


No matter which curling route you decide to take, remember that some minor hair maintenance will be involved. Always feel free to consult your hairdresser if you have a problem or some questions that need to be addressed, but especially if you opt for a perm and it does not meet your expectations. Your cosmetologist should be able to help you remedy the situation as painlessly as possible, as he or she truly wants you to love the look and feel of your hair.

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