32 Wedding Gifts from the Bride to Her Groom

As you select special gifts for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, and parents, don’t forget about that most special someone on your list! Show your husband-to-be how much you care with a special gift from you, his cherished bride.


In many circles, it is common for the bride and groom to exchange gifts on their wedding day. Gifts are often swapped prior to the actual ceremony, either at the rehearsal dinner or by way of a messenger on the wedding day. Other times, brides and grooms may exchange gifts sometime throughout their wedding day, or even at the close of the evening when the two find themselves alone at last.

Any gift of jewelry or something like a handkerchief can become a precious part of your wedding day. Your groom can tuck a hanky boasting a personal message from you into his pocket, or he could surely wear a watch, necklace, cufflinks, or other piece of jewelry on the big day.

Think about the message and sentiment you are hoping to achieve, and that, along with the cost, should guide your decision.

On a Budget

· Bottle of your favorite wine and a love letter

· Customized calendar with pictures of the two of you

· Handcrafted blanket or afghan

· Mixed CD of your favorite songs and a love note

· Money clip

· Personalized hanky

· Photo album or scrapbook containing many of your favorite photos and some he hasn’t yet seen

· Photo frame

· Poetry book

· Soft and fuzzy bathrobe you sewed yourself

Safe and Traditional Picks

· A necklace or bracelet if he wears jewelry

· A new watch

· Cufflinks

· Gift basket of all his favorite things

· Men’s jewelry / keepsake box

· New leather wallet, inscribed if you wish

· Something to use on your honeymoon, like brand name sunglasses or fun outdoor equipment

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