To Cut or Not to Cut: Planning the Costs of Your Second Wedding or Mature Wedding

We have all heard how the expenses of planning a wedding can really add up. Whether we’ve experienced it ourselves or watched a friend or family member go through it, trying to stick to a budget for your wedding can be an extremely difficult task. Is the wedding cake of your dreams worth the cost?The good news is that saving money is possible for second weddings or even for mature first weddings. Some costs are much easier to cut than others, and we’ll share the scoop.

“Gone are the days when second wedding meant: Justice of the Peace, in a skirt and blouse, followed by a cake & punch party,” said Trina Myers, chief event consultant and owner of Affairs Remembered, LLC. “Many couples are spending more on their second walk down the aisle than the first. Brides who were unable to obtain that flair and over the top design the first go round are making major sacrifices to ensure that they have it for this trip down the aisle.”

Consider the Costs and the Consequences of Cutting the Wrong Ones
When it comes to budgeting for your second wedding or mature wedding, try to weigh the costs of various elements against the desired outcome and the worst case scenario if something goes wrong or isn’t quite what you wanted. Consider the cost of each part of the wedding and try to justify if the expense is worth it.

Don't skimp on your photographer!One very important element of your second wedding or mature wedding is the photography. You needn’t spend a fortune, but it’s a good idea to book a professional photographer who’s been training in the art of capturing all the special moments – and emotions – of a wedding. As a special events planner for many years, Trina Myers recommends never skimping on the photographer. Even if you can get a great deal or free wedding photography from a friend or relative, it’s still much safer to leave the documentation of your day to a professional.

“When the rose petals are all swept away and the tuxes have been returned to the formalwear shop, your pictures are one of the only practical items that you can use to walk down memory lane and review things as they happened,” Myers said. “We all would want to remember every little tidbit about our day; however, as the years roll by and other things happen, such as the birth of a child, we tend to forget the little things. Pictures are a wonderful way to relive those memories all over again.”

If you decide to book the professional photographer, you might consider cutting back on the videographer, unless your photographer offers video services as well. You can spare the expense of the professional videographer in several ways:
•    Cut the cost altogether, knowing you may only watch the video once or twice.
•    Ask a talented friend or family member to shoot the video of your wedding instead of a pro.
•    Search for film students or recent graduates from film school who might be willing to accept a smaller payment while they build their portfolio.

Cutting back on the reception costs is another way to have an amazing second wedding or mature wedding without completely breaking the bank. The first place at your reception to consider cutting back is your alcohol tab.

“Having an open bar is also a luxury expense,” Myers said. “You can certainly have a nice reception, serving only wine and / or a signature drink.”

Is the wedding cake of your dreams worth the cost?The cost of the wedding cake is another consideration for cutting costs on second weddings or mature weddings. A frosting-covered, towering five-tier wedding cake may seem amazing as you envision it in your mind, but it may not be completely necessary in all its glory. Myers recommends opting for a smaller version of your dream cake, or using a false cake or a cake with false tiers and a sheet cake to serve to your guests.

“Once the initial cut is made, the cake is often whisked away to the kitchen to be cut up,” she noted. “The guests have no idea that they are not eating from the same cake that made everyone say ‘Ooh, Ah’ when they walked into the reception room.”

When you are planning your second wedding or mature wedding, cutting a few wedding costs will help you to spend more money on your honeymoon, your home, and your new family together. Remember to weigh out all your options and choose those items that are not critical to your happiness on your wedding day. Keep constant watch on your budget as you plan your second wedding or mature wedding so that you are always in a good position financially. Most importantly, congratulations and best wishes!

About the Expert:
Chief Consultant Trina Myers is a bride-to-be herself, and owner of Affairs Remembered, LLC. Visit Affairs Remembered on the Web at

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