How to Live Like a Romance Novel Heroine

Have you ever wanted to indulge in the finer things of life, embark on adventure after adventure, and find yourself in a romantic caper that works out for the absolute best in the end? Living like a romance novel heroine can seem like a fantasy and something out of a true fiction novel, but the truth is, every woman has the ability to live like a romance novel heroine.

Live like a romance novel heroine! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)To live like a romance novel heroine, you can immerse yourself in romance novel after romance novel, or, you can make up your mind to pick the most important factors and apply them to your life. Romance novel heroines seem to be showing off qualities and characteristics that would be easy enough for the modern woman to add to her own life. Read on for tips from best-selling author Loree Lough on how to live like a romance novel heroine.

 Q. – Life Love Beauty: What does it mean to Live Like a Romance Novel Heroine? Aren’t those just fictional female characters, perfectly created to live out a fantasy lifestyle that never happens for any of us in real life?

A. – Loree Lough: Living like a romance novel heroine is the direct result of being a strong, smart, savvy, self-possessed gal who’s proud of her hard-working nature and independent spirit.  Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers respect who you are and what you’ve accomplished, and the man in your life is at the top of that list. And those who don’t have you on their People to Admire list are few and far between.

Q. – Life Love Beauty: What are the top qualities most romance novel heroines possess?Romantic heroines have interesting hobbies! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)

A. – Loree Lough: Long, long ago, romance novel heroines were weak’n’whiny clinging vines who needed a man to feel complete. Their major accomplishment in life was that long walk down some white-carpeted center aisle, where they filled all their missing parts by linking arms with a guy in a tux. These days, no self-respecting publisher would print a book featuring a character like that…because readers of romantic fiction can’t stand weepy, needy, spineless females!

Q. – Life Love Beauty: What kind of talents and skills and interests do romance novel heroines typically have?

A. – Loree Lough: The heroines in today’s romance novels, whether the stories are set in contemporary times or some period in history, are tough-and-together gals who can take it on the chin, figuratively and literally. They’re survivors, not victims. They’re go-getters, not absorbers. They’re doers,  not watchers. That means they succeed at life and love. They’re doctors and lawyers, teachers and nurses, CEOs and entrepreneurs. They can mete out discipline without making excuses…but they’re just as likely to dole out hugs and kisses to those who need ’em.

Q. – Life Love Beauty: What kind of men do romance novel heroines tend to go for? Should we go for the same kind of men?

A. – Loree Lough: Because romance novel heroines are made of sturdy stuff, a namby-pamby guy just doesn’t appeal to them. These gals like guys who are at least as strong as they are, who’ll give ’em a run for their money, who won’t ‘cave’ and give her her way if frustration or fury drives her to tears. She can’t respect a guy who’ll do as he’s told, but she does admire a fella who’ll listen to reason, and even change his mind or behavior…for the right woman…or the right reasons. Gone are the days when all romance novel heroes are tall, dark, and broodingly handsome. You won’t find a bully or a brute among ’em, and when he makes love to a woman, it’s because she wants physical and emotional fulfillment as much as he does. These men don’t do anything half-way…so when they give their hearts, they do it in a big, bold way, so yeah, by all means, set your sights on guys like these!

Live a sexy life full of romance! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)Q. – Life Love Beauty: How can a married woman live like a romance novel heroine?

A. – Loree Lough: Personal experience (and the confessions of married girlfriends) asks married gals to think back to the days when they were busy, wooing the man of their dreams. They wore mascara and teased their hair. Took showers before every date and shaved above their kneecaps. They listened to their favorite guys at least as much as they talked. Their actions said “Babe, you hung the moon in my sky!”

Q. – Life Love Beauty: How can a single woman live like a romance novel heroine?

A. – Loree Lough: I see absolutely no difference between the single woman and the married woman…except that the unattached gal has a list of fellas to choose from…so she needs to figure out which guys are worth ‘going the extra mile’ for!

Q. – Life Love Beauty: Is it possible to live like a romance novel heroine when our lives are super busy?Dress up, spoil yourself once in a while, and live every day to the fullest! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)

A. – Loree Lough: Do you make time to get your hair cut, have your fingernails manicured, catch that amazing sale at Macy’s? Do you make time to watch your favorite shows on TV? Call your best friend to share a tid-bit of good news…or bad? I guess my point is…busy or not, we all make time for the things that are truly important in our lives. And what could be more important than the guy who’s gonna love you long after your hair’s gone white and ya can’t read a romance novel without magnifying lenses!

Q. – Life Love Beauty: What kind of dates would romance novel heroines most enjoy?

A. – Loree Lough: Romance novel heroines are appropriately grateful when rich handsome dudes usher ’em onto private jets, and wings ’em off to exotic locales. But they’re just as happy when their Prince Charmings stumble around the kitchen, putting together a barely edible meal. They’re adorable in aprons, endearing when they burn their fingers, taking overcooked casseroles from the oven, and downright handsome when they pour wine and say “Keep me company while I do the dishes.”

Wear some makeup, pucker up, and spice up your love life! (Photo courtesy of Krystle, morgueFile)Q. – Life Love Beauty: What kind of flirting or seduction techniques do romance novel heroines employ?

A. – Loree Lough: rong> Romance novel heroines are not manipulators! They’re smart, savvy women, remember…so they don’t need to resort to strategies such as deliberate flirtation or seduction. These capable gals can wheel and deal with the best of men…and they know how to do it without emasculating them. So any seduction that results from their flirting comes from the heart, and the reward is fulfillment and satisfaction that covers all the ‘bases’!

Q. – Life Love Beauty: Anything else you would like to add?

A. – Loree Lough: To the rare gal who believes romance novels are trashy, time-wasting, exploitive tomes, I’ve gotta point out some important statistics: Romance novels (which include sub-genres like thrillers, action-adventures, suspense, mystery, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and inspirational) are history-making in that they are the all-time top sellers of the publishing industry. Yep…that’s right…of all paperback fiction published every year, romance novels top the charts.

Don’t take my word for it. Visit to see for yourself how it out-sells all other paperback fiction! That tells me (and publishing big whigs) there’s big money to be made from this slice of the industry pie, because it’s rock-solid evidence that more than half of all fiction fans love romance better than all the other stuff available!

About the Expert:
Loree Lough is a best-selling author who has written countless works of fiction and nonfiction, won a number of awards, and even taught writing –related courses. She is also a very upbeat, friendly person with a knack for gripping and inspiring love stories, among others, and is an avid wolf enthusiast. Read more about Loree Lough at

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