Exclusive Q&A with Kimberly Cole – How to Stay in Shape with Dance and Roller-Skating

Kimberly Cole Exclusive Interview with Life Love Beauty!Kimberly Cole is what many people call a well-rounded person. She’s a championship roller-skating athlete, a musician, a former MTV VJ, and absolutely gorgeous to boot. Her hit single, “Nitty Gritty”, is a catchy, contagious tune that is reminiscent of No Doubt and its front woman, Gwen Stefani. Her other jams seem to infuse pop, hip hop, and soul, often with a love story or a truly independent theme.

Have you ever considered roller skates a fashion accessory? Maybe you should… Kimberly Cole gives skates their own pizazz and sex appeal. Or maybe that’s her killer body and incredible hair. Read on – Kimberly Cole shares details about herself and her own workout tips in an exclusive Life Love Beauty interview.

Q. Life Love Beauty – So, what kind of workout do you get from roller-skating (and dancing?)? Can you tell us about some of your most intense workouts / competitions?

The lovely Kimberly Cole...A. Kimberly Cole – I get the best work out from skating and dancing.  I use every muscle in my body to perform. It takes a lot of control in my core to execute each trick.   When I would have an important competition coming up I would train almost 6 hours a day!! I loved every minute of it.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How do you stay in such great shape? How do you train, and what are your favorite training or cross training activities?

A. Kimberly Cole – I love hiking and running.  I also love taking long walks and multitasking by returning phone calls…..anything that makes me forget I am working out!!!

Q. Life Love Beauty – How about your diet… do you have to watch what you eat, or have you found a balance between nutrition and snacking and exercise?

A. Kimberly Cole – I always have to watch what I eat and try to just keep everything in moderation and balanced.  I am a snacker so I will eat 6 mini meals every day. If I have done a ton of exercise I will usually treat myself to Pink Berry with chocolate yogurt chips.

Q. Life Love Beauty – We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to food… what one item couldn’t you live without?!

A. Kimberly Cole – Hands down cold cereal!!!  I could eat it for every meal!!!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Did you play sports or participate in athletics growing up in addition to roller-skating?

A. Kimberly Cole – I was a cheerleader in high school and also ran cross country!!!

Q. Life Love Beauty – How did you get into roller-skating?

A. Kimberly Cole – My mom, who skated when she was younger, took me to take one class and I fell in love with it!!! I didn’t realize when I was little that roller-skating was such an unknown sport!!

Kimberly Cole, the Roller-skating beauty...

Q. Life Love Beauty – What do you like best about skating?

A. Kimberly Cole – I love the fact that it mixes athleticism with artistry.  And now as a recording artist and dancer, I love the fact that it makes me unique.

Kimberly Cole, athlete and musicianQ. Life Love Beauty – Can you tell us about some of the skating stunts you do?

A. Kimberly Cole – I love incorporating hip hop and lyrical dance styles on skates, but I would have to say doing pairs tricks and being thrown around in the air is the most fun!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like working out? What do you do when your motivation starts to sink?

A. Kimberly Cole – When I have those days I will turn some music on and dance in my room!  It’s fun and still burns calories.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kind of workout would roller-skating (minus the cool stunts!) give an average person? Did you ever experience this kind of recreational skating?

A. Kimberly Cole – I love skating down Venice Beach.  Just cruising’ along still gives a great total body workout.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Just out of curiosity, do you ever rollerblade or go ice-skating?

A. Kimberly Cole – I do rollerblade outside sometimes and have a blast doing that as well.  I was in a stunt show a couple of years ago and had to learn how to drop in on ramps on my inlines.

About the Expert:
Kimberly Cole is an athlete and musician who uniquely blends music and dance with roller-skating. Her main Web site is www.myspace.com/kimberlycolemusic and her music is available on iTunes.

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