Thanksgiving Nail Designs – Do It Yourself Nail Painting Tips

Why not get a little fun and festive now that the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here? Applying your own Thanksgiving nail designs is easier than ever, thanks to all the cool products on the market. To create beautiful Thanksgiving nail designs, you may want to consider the colors of your nail polish and whether you will be applying Thanksgiving nail decals or using a nail polish pen to create your own Thanksgiving nail designs.

First things first – what kind of Thanksgiving nail designs do you want to wear? You can go from a simple French manicure with a single Thanksgiving nail decal on one fingernail, or you can take things to more advanced levels by applying holiday decals to all your nails or by actually painting Thanksgiving nail designs on each fingernail. Your level of confidence in creating nail designs may help you to determine which type of nail designs are best for you at this time. You can also consider any special events you may attend.

Some creative Thanksgiving nail designs you might want to consider are:

–    Cornucopias
–    Indians
–    Leaves
–    Pilgrims or Pilgrim hats
–    Pumpkin
–    Pumpkin pie
–    Scarecrow
–    Turkeys

Painting Thanksgiving Nail Designs
No matter how experienced you are at painting your nails and applying nail art, you can surely add creative Thanksgiving nail designs to your fingertips. For most Thanksgiving nail designs, you will want to paint your nails with a basecoat first. The basecoat can be dark or light, but it should cover the nail completely. Once your basecoat dries, decide if you should apply a second coat to achieve the desired color on your nails. Once you are happy with the basecoat, it is time to begin creating your Thanksgiving nail design.

Remember, when you paint your own nail designs, they don’t have to be perfect. Many times, people opt for the more abstract or the less detailed nail designs because they are easier to duplicate – especially when using your non-dominant hand. As you paint your own Thanksgiving nail designs, take your time and don’t worry if your designs do not all look identical.

As you begin painting your nail designs, remember to use color and tools as needed. A toothpick can act as a tiny paintbrush if needed. Also remember, each item you paint will appear beneath anything that is painted after it. So, save the items for the top or front of the design for last. Just be creative! Consider the following tips on painting your own Thanksgiving nail designs, or use these ideas to spark inspiration for other Thanksgiving nail designs.

Thanksgiving Nail Designs #1 & #2 – Pilgrim and Indian Designs
To create pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving nail designs, you will need a variety of nail polish colors and either a nail polish paint pen or a few toothpicks for the detail work. For the pilgrim hat design, you will need black nail polish, silver or white nail polish, and your desired color for basecoat. If you want to paint an Indian headdress on your nails, gather a few different colors of nail polish for the feathers and at least one color for the band.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Pilgrim Hat
To paint a pilgrim hat Thanksgiving nail designs on your nails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat on your nails and allow them to dry completely.
2.    Paint a black pilgrim hat and allow it to dry. The hat should have a tapered rectangular shape with the narrower end at the top, with a wide brim at the base of the hat.
3.    To create the pilgrim hat’s buckle, paint a small, open rectangle in a lighter color – silver or white will do just fine.
4.    Allow the nails ample time to dry.
5.    Paint on a glossy or completely clear topcoat, if desired.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Indian Headdress
To paint Indian headdress Thanksgiving nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Paint a horizontal line for the band that would go around the Indian’s head and allow it to dry. You can make it a solid color or decorate it if you feel so inclined.
3.    Paint at least one or even several colorful feathers rising from the band and allow nails to dry.
4.    Once nails are fully dry, consider applying a topcoat to prevent chipping.

Thanksgiving Nail Designs #3 & 4 – Leaves and Cornucopias
Leaves and the cornucopia are two great symbols for the fall months and especially for the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Painting leaves and cornucopias as Thanksgiving nail designs can be fun and relatively easy if you go for the abstract approach. Here are some tips to achieving these designs. To paint fall leaves or cornucopias, you will want a variety of nail polish colors, including orange, yellow, green, red, and brown.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Fall Leaves
To paint pretty fall leaves as Thanksgiving nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Using a tiny paintbrush or a toothpick, paint a stem for each leaf and follow with a few sweeping motions to create tiny geometric leaves. You can paint a single large leaf or a series of smaller leaves, depending on your preferences.
3.    Once your leaves are dry, consider applying a topcoat.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Cornucopia, or Horn ‘o Plenty
To paint a cornucopia on your nails for Thanksgiving, follow these steps:

1.    Using your preferred color, paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Paint a curvy cone using orange or yellow and allow your nails to dry.
3.    Paint small fruits or vegetables in the large opening of the cone.
4.    Consider sealing your holiday nail designs with a topcoat once completely dry.

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