Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for Mature Women

When it comes to looking amazing in a matter of moments, mature women have got it down pat. From efficient makeup tips to hairstyles and outfits that go flawlessly together in a flash, mature women have class and style beyond words. HairZing! Available at!To further enhance the unlimited possibilities of beautiful, manageable hairstyles, women can spruce up their looks with classy and sophisticated hair accessories.

Every woman should have at least a modest selection of hair accessories from which to choose. From ponytail elastics to headbands to combs and clips and claws and hairpins, the possibilities become seemingly endless, and this is especially great for mature women who want keep their hairstyles fresh, flirty, and fabulous.

“Most hairstyles are conducive to hair accessories,” said top hair artist Kenneth Darrell. “Generally staying away from extreme lengths, short or long, is best if you like to accessorize. If you enjoy wearing a little bling in the hair, most beauty supply stores carry a wide selection of combs, barrettes, and pins.”

“Remember a couple of rules when jazzing up the do,” he added. “As you get older, less is more. Icing up the hair can be fun, but overdoing it can be tragic. Unless you’re going to a grand event, keep it simple; the rules only change for really big events, even then use discretion. Decorative combs and pins can be just the ticket to class up an otherwise boring twist.”

Selecting the Perfect Hair Accessories for Your Hair Type and Lifestyle Needs
When it comes to actually deciding which hair accessories to wear when, the choice can seem overwhelming the larger your collection of hair accessories. No need to worry, though, because a number of classy hair accessories share multiple purposes, while others are a surefire winner for a specific occasion.

Thanks to the help of a few hair experts, Life Love Beauty has determined the Top Hair Accessories for Mature Women as follows:

Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for Active Mature Women
Top Hair Accessory: The Ponytail Elastic
Why: The ponytail offers a classic style that can be worn just about anywhere, and keeps hair in place, whether running and working out, or dashing to catch the subway. Ponytail elastics, while not glamorous, still offer a solution to women based on a true necessity – keeping hair out of the eyes and face on a regular basis.

Life Love Beauty Tip –
Use your ponytail elastic for all it’s worth. You can wear a high ponytail or a low ponytail (or a mid ponytail), weave your hair into a nice French braid or a standard braid, or even toss your hair back into a messy bun. Of course you can always do the neat bun, too, but the messy bun is much more fun!

HairZing, Available at!Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for EVERY Mature Woman
Top Hair Accessory: HairZing!
Why: HairZing offers such a versatility that is not often seen in hair accessories these days. Not only is the HairZing decorative comb accessory completely comfortable, but it also stays put, keeping hair tightly in place even during movement and exercise. The HairZing fashions are absolutely lovely, featuring a beautiful series of beads that seem to float in the hair effortlessly while the comfortable combs secure the hairstyle. HairZing accessories are perfect for any occasion, from everyday use to special events. Best of all, they are easy to style and can be worn in a variety of ways.

Expert Tip –
“Even with thin hair, HairZing’s comfortable design gives women the flexibility to create dozens of styles – hairstyles seen in fashion magazines that they thought they could never do in their own hair,” said HairZing eMarketing and Advertising Director Holden Penley. “The secret is in the beaded resin bands, which are attached to two hair-friendly molded metal combs. Gorgeous beads of all types appear magically suspended in the hair while HairZing holds the style in place all day. Women can even wear HairZings under a hat or a bike helmet with no worries about emerging with flattened ‘hat hair.’”

HairZing! Available at! HairZing! Available at! HairZing! Available at! HairZing! Available at! HairZing! Available at! HairZing! Available at!

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