Thanksgiving Manicure Tips

Holiday time is the perfect time to sport a special manicure. This fall, spruce up your appearance with a beautiful Thanksgiving manicure. Your Thanksgiving manicure can feature solid colors, nail art, nail decals, or other special designs and nail adornments. You can get your Thanksgiving manicure done professionally at the salon, or you can create your very own Thanksgiving manicure at home.

Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by MeIf you would like to pain your own Thanksgiving manicure this year, make sure you have the necessary supplies – nail polish, nail polish remover, nail file, paint pens or toothpicks for detail work, and decals or nail art and adornments, if desired. Next, think about the style of Thanksgiving manicure you would like to wear. Will you go for a fashionable French manicure with a Thanksgiving accent, or would you prefer to be completely original with your own designs?

Here are a number of suggestions for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving manicure and for applying Thanksgiving nail decals.

Thanksgiving Manicure Styles and Colors
The possibilities for your Thanksgiving manicure span as far and wide as your imagination. Your own creativity can spark additional creative options for you to use when crafting a holiday manicure, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always remove unwanted colors and designs with nail polish remover.

As you prepare to paint your own Thanksgiving manicure, consider your options. You can take a traditional French manicure and spruce it up for the Thanksgiving holidays. You can simply go with a solid color manicure, which is timeless and very functional. You could also apply Thanksgiving nail decals for a fun twist on the traditional manicure.

French Manicure for Thanksgiving
Creating a Thanksgiving French manicure is not as difficult as you may expect. Just follow these steps to get a beautiful manicure for the holidays.

1.    Paint your nails with the traditional French manicure.

2.    Decide if you would like your special Thanksgiving design to appear on all nails, a few select nails, or just on a single nail from each hand.

3.    Paint your own special Thanksgiving nail designs, or enhance your Thanksgiving French manicure with a single diagonal line (or other design) in a bold and festive color of your choice.

Solid Color Thanksgiving Manicure
If you would like to simply paint your nails with a pretty, solid-color manicure for the Thanksgiving holiday, consider colors that are bold and bright or bold and earthy. Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and shaped to your liking.

Some colors you might want to consider for a Thanksgiving manicure may include burgundy, turquoise, chocolate, orange, green, purple, plum, gold or goldenrod, burnt orange, and reddish brown.

Here are some colors we love:

Squirrel Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me Turkey Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me Thanksgiving Leaves water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me


I Heart Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me

Pilgrim hat Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me

Thanksgiving Nail Decals
If you don’t feel up to painting your own Thanksgiving manicure or using nail polish to craft your Thanksgiving nail designs, you may want to consider Thanksgiving nail decals. Nail decals are like small temporary tattoos that adorn your nails. They come in all kinds of styles and themes, and you are sure to find great Thanksgiving nail decals that are just perfect for the festive holiday season.

Thanksgiving nail decals, along with countless other kinds of nail decals, are available at the Nailz by Me store on eBay for a reasonable charge. You can find everything from a variety of Thanksgiving turkeys to pilgrims and Indians, festive fall leaves, pumpkins, squirrels, and other adorable themed nail decals. Thanksgiving nail decals are quick and easy to apply, and they add a nice touch to your nails.

To get your own Thanksgiving nail decals, visit the Nailz by Me eBay store. You can also learn more at

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