24 Time-Saving Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Day

For many people, there is never quite enough time in the day. Between driving, working, going to school, running errands, attending meetings, returning phone calls, and on and on, the list is seemingly endless and the hours in the day don’t ever seem to stretch far enough. To save time and get the most out of your day, we’ve compiled 24 Time-Saving Tips, thanks to suggestions from many of our readers.

Add some more free time or quality time with your loved ones back into your day by following these helpful time-saving tips.

1. Have your coffee maker filled and ready to go for morning. If you’re like me and not so coordinated in the early morn, this saves even more time because you don’t have to spend time cleaning up any mess you may make. – Christine Fidance, DE

2. Shower with your significant other.
This cuts down on not only time spent but also water used. – Christine Fidance, DE

3. Have all your clothes laid out the night before also and there is no confusion in the morning and getting dressed is much quicker. – Christine Fidance, DE

4. Strategize your errands. My tip comes more from having to conserve gasoline; the time savings was just a perk. In an effort to save gas, a friend and I decided to dedicate a day for our errands and carefully plan out which order we should do our tasks by location so that we could do less driving to get everything we wanted to do each week. We have gotten so efficient at coordinating our stops that as we got more organized we also gained several hours that we now add other pleasurable stops on our way of course, like a craft shop or a movie. Love it. – Catherine Miller, MA

5. Keep a list to shorten your shopping trips and not zigzag from place to place. That wastes time. – Angela Jacobs, CA

6. Plan your day. The best way to save time is to use a small amount of it to plan your day, a simple outline of things you want to accomplish (a to do list) and a plan on when or what order you expect to have them done. This gives you real goals and the ability to measure progress. Always have a reward at the end of the list even if it’s only an espresso, etc. – John Redfield, TX

7. Get your chores out of the way first. The best way to get the most out of your free time is to plan your time. Do your chores first, set up time for each chore. Be realistic in your expectations for chores; don’t expect too much of yourself.  When you get what you expect done, then don’t do any more. Do less. Do what you want for the rest of the day. Reward yourself for doing the chores by doing only what you want. This will give you the ultimate satisfaction that you have done what you should do, but also took time out to do what you love. – Therese Mary Kolvenbach, CA

8. Do the important things first. The best way to find free time is to get all of the things you have to do done and out of the way right away, as early as possible. That way the rest of the day is free time! – Janice Wright, IA

9. Put everything in its place. Always put your keys in the same place in your purse, your scissors in the same place, your tape, etc.  And, keep your credit cards and driver’s license in the same order in your wallet. That way you don’t lose them, and you save the time and stress that goes with misplacing these items. This frees your mind to attend to your real business. – Sheila Christensen

10. Plan, plan, plan. To achieve optimum free time and use it effectively needs planning.  Planning is always the necessary first option.  Scottish poet Robert Burns opined ‘the best laid plans of mice and men aft times go astray’, planning will make those ‘aft times’ less frequent. No matter how you do it, diary, computer, blackberry or fridge magnets plan for what you must do and want to do and leave wiggle room for less frustration and more fruition. – Shirley Hodge, PA

11. Prepare meals in advance. I spend part of one of my days off preparing the next weeks dinners in advance and store them in the freezer. When I come home after work all I have to do unfreeze the dinner add a salad and were good to go. It has saved me a ton of time on week night and it’s made me be able to spend more time with my children. – Teresa Nelson, WA

12. Be as organized as possible. It’s the oldest tip in the book but the more organized you are when you start the sooner you’ll accomplish whatever you’re doing.  Since I started using preparation lists I’ve had more time for things I enjoy than I’ve ever had. – Patricia Schraier, CA

13. Do the dishes right away. How to make more free time -The older you get, the faster time seems to pass and the less time one seems to have!  Here is my recipe for more free time – Never leave a dirty dish in the sink, always place them directly into the dishwasher.  – Diane Baum, MI

14. Sort your mail as you bring it into your house.  – Diane Baum, MI

15. Always put things in their proper place the first time.  – Diane Baum, MI

16. Wash clothes once a week instead of everyday. – Diane Baum, MI

17. When you have to wait, multitask. I keep a bag inside my car, which has paperwork to do in it. If I have a doctor’s appointment, waiting for a kids game to start, or have time in the car waiting to pick them up, I can get bills made out or any correspondence such as thank you notes, lists,  etc. – Rosanne Morrison, IL

18. Press a few clothing items at the same time. Love the time to save by simply by multi-pressing two or three layers of children’s clothes by utilizing a layer of thin cheesecloth/laundry clothes. – Sarah Woods

19. Turn housework into exercise. 
I do lunges while I’m vacuuming.  When folding the laundry, I do a squat to pick each item out of the basket to fold it. I also make a separate trip to take each item upstairs or down. It takes a little longer to clean the house, but I save the time and money it would take for a gym membership. – Casey Becher, KS

20. Find your time-wasters.
What do you spend a lot of your time on that isn’t on your essential list? Take a close look at these things and really think about whether they’re necessary, or if there are ways to reduce, minimize or eliminate these things. Sometimes you do things because you assume they’re necessary, but if you give it some thought you can find ways to drop them from your life. Figure out what you do simply to waste time — maybe surfing certain sites, watching TV, talking a lot at the water cooler, etc. You’re going to want to minimize these time-wasters to make room for the more important stuff, the stuff that makes you happy and that you love to do. – Max Lakshtanov, CA

21. Schedule the time. As you sit down and think about your life and what you want to do, versus what you actually do, you will be looking at ways to free up time. It’s crucial that you take a blank weekly schedule (you can just write it out on a piece of paper, or use your calendar) and assign blocks for the things you love — the stuff on your essentials list. If you want to exercise, for example, when will you do it? Put the blocks of time on your schedule, and make these blocks the most important appointments of your week. Schedule the rest of your life around these blocks. – Max Lakshtanov, CA

22. Consolidate. There are many things you do, scattered throughout your day or your week that you might be able to consolidate in order to sa
ve time. A good example is errands – instead of running one or two a day, do them all in one day to save time and gas. Another example is email, or any kind of communication – batch process your email instead of checking and reading and responding throughout the day. Same thing with meetings, paperwork, anything that you do regularly. – Max Lakshtanov, CA

23. Plan to accomplish 10 things each day. A very smart person told me once, make a list of 10 things you want to accomplish in a single day in the order of what is most important. Try and at least get halfway through the list and that is 5 things less you have to do the next day! I swear when you first hear this it sounds strange, but I started doing it and now there are some days I can’t think of a thing to write because I have done so much the previous days! It is much better than going through days where you accomplish nothing. – Suanne Giddings, TX

24. Take your favorite book or magazine with you. My favorite timesaver tip is to carry your favorite book or magazine to any of your appointments – you can read while you are waiting and when you get home you can use the time you have saved for something else. – Joy Venters, OH

Editor’s Note: Thank you readers, for your excellent time-saving tips! We hope these tips help all of our readers save time and make the most out of their days.

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