All About Hair Extensions – A Q&A with Osvaldo Freitas

Osvaldo Freitas is not so much a jack of all trades as he is a master. Born in Uruguay, Freitas traveled the world to hone his skills and learn all the cutting-edge trends and techniques in hairstyling. He moved to the United States in the early 2000’s, where he received instant recognition for his talents and attention to detail. Now, Osvaldo Freitas has his own salon in New York City (Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for Hair) and he specializes in hair extensions and hairpieces, as well as hairstyles for special events, Japanese Thermal Reconditioning, and single process color, to name a few.

In this article, Osvaldo Freitas shares the details about hair extensions, from what exactly hair extensions are, to how he applies hair extensions, to who is a good candidate for receiving hair extensions, and more. Read on to learn all about hair extensions and to find out if you are a good candidate for getting hair extensions, and if so, to learn what you should do to prepare yourself for the hair extensions.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Technically speaking, what are hair extensions? What are they made of?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Hair extensions are added to natural hair in order to create more volume or length and they can be applied using various techniques. Good hair extensions should be 100 percent human hair and should match the texture of one’s own hair. Different ethnic backgrounds have different hair texture, so it’s important to match the texture. Anything other than human hair will not look real and won’t blend seamlessly to create natural looking hair. Quality in extensions is critical! It’s not worth doing extensions if you’re not working with the best products and technique.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is involved when one gets hair extensions? What process is used?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There are various methods in applying hair extensions and I have tried them all, having worked and studied hair extensions for the last 20 years. In my experience of applying extensions and working with different products and all over the world, I have found the fusion technique to be the very best. It’s different from traditional extension application, and far superior. With this technique, I also use organic products as to not damage the natural hair during removal and re-application.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Who is a good candidate for hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas –
Almost anyone looking for fuller or longer hair is a good candidate for extensions.  Hair at the crown of the head is necessary, as well as a generally healthy hair follicle, but the hair does not need to be long, just a few inches.  Blending a client’s natural, shorter hair with the extensions can be achieved through the right cut.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What must be done to prepare oneself and one’s hair for getting hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The only preparation for extensions is…getting ready to feel gorgeous and sexy!  Almost all of the women I work with feel entirely different and most say their new look is a dream they’ve had their whole lives.  Let’s face it, most women don’t have the hair we see on shampoo commercials, but dream of it.  Fulfilling those dreams has to be the most fulfilling side of my work!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there any discomfort or are there any negative side effects?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There is absolutely no discomfort or side effects using the extensions and technique I use. The only thing I tell my clients is to wear hair in a loose bun during sleep, just as I suggest to clients I have with naturally long hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – As you see them, what are the top benefits of getting hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Self confidence, without a doubt.  Women walk out of the salon feeling so confident and beautiful.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long do extensions last? Must they be completely redone, or is there maintenance for them? How often?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The actual hair extensions last forever.  My clients own their hair and keep it as long as they want, changing color, length, etc… Typically, they need to be taken off and reapplied every two to three months.  It simply depends on how fast the natural hair grows. The extensions are applied to natural hair and thus, grow out with that hair. When I take the hair out for a reapplication, we wash it and then reapply that same hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long does it take to get extensions put in?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Using the fusion technique it takes from 20 to 30 minutes, but other hair extension techniques typically up to two and a half hours.

About the Expert:
Osvaldo Freitas is an internationally known hair guru, widely known for his work in hair extensions and hair pieces. He’s worked all over the world, at fashion shows, and with clientele including numerous celebrities. Freitas opened Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for hair in New York City in October 2008. Learn more at

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