What Are Water Slide Nail Decals and How Do You Apply Water Slide Nail Decals

Water slide nail decals are a style of custom nail art that can feature any graphic, logo, or design you desire. The water slide nail decals are printed on special paper so that the designs slide right off the paper when they are briefly immersed in water.

“It is a nail decal that you cut out and put in water and it will slide off the backing,” says Amy, the mastermind behind Nailz by Me, a company offering virtually endless styles of water slide nail decals. “It doesn’t just stick like a sticker; you can reposition it.”

Amy got started creating her own water slide nail decals upon her husband’s suggestion. She is a stay-at-home mom who found a creative way to make a little extra cash. She now creates countless water slide nail decals in myriad styles and designs, with everything from holiday styles to professional sports themes to specially designed decals for weddings and special events. She can even create water slide nail decals from your own photographs (pictures of your pets, children, spouse, etc.), logos, words / phrases, or artwork.

How to Apply Water Slide Nail Decals
Applying water slide nail decals is fun and easy. To apply water slide nail decals, all you need to have on hand are scissors, water, and clear nail polish. You can also paint your nails in a light color beforehand if desired. You can do it yourself at home in as quickly as 10 minutes once you’ve got the hang of applying the water slide nail decals.

Here are special instructions from Amy on how to apply water slide nail decals:

Directions for applying Nail Decals by Nailz by Me:

1. Paint your nail any light color, French manicure, or clear, and make sure nails are dry. (Typically, leaving one hour between painting nails and applying water slide nail decals is a good idea.)

2. Cut out decal and soak in water for about 15 seconds.

3. Take out of water and decal will slide off the white backing.

4. Apply to nail, dry off excess water, and coat with at least two coats of clear polish. (The clear nail polish seals the water slide nail decals to your fingernails.)

5. When ready to remove, just use fingernail polish remover.

6. Come back to Nailz*by*Me for more nail decals!
How Long Do Water Slide Nail Decals Last?
If you take the time to apply the water slide nail decals as directed, Amy says they can last for two or three weeks, unless you decide to remove them sooner. When you apply the nail art decals, it is important to put at least two coats of clear nail polish on top of the design to seal the decals in place.

If you feel that it would help prolong the lifetime of your water slide nail decals, you might consider painting a third coat of clear nail polish a week or two later.

“These are so fun to use!” Amy says. “I can make them anyway you want. You can wear your kids on your nails for birthdays or graduations. You can wear your wedding date on your nails at your wedding. The list is endless and I stand by my work 100%.”

About the Expert:
Nailz*by*Me is a company specializing in themed and custom water slide nail decals. You can learn more at www.myspace.com/nailzbyme or visit the Nailz by Me eBay store.

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  1. Bought some of these and after time the decal gets to be a black blob or where the design is it fills in the detail is not there. What am I doing wrong??? Please email me. Thanks Nancy

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