Holiday Nail Designs for Beginners

Pretty nails make a great eye catcher, as well as a handy ice breaker, at holiday parties and social events. Well manicured hands show that you pay special attention to the details, and they often set you apart as a desirable mate. While getting your nails professionally manicured isn’t getting any cheaper, your options in at-home manicures are endless.

Why not be artistic and learn a few tricks of the trade for yourself?

Gather some colorful nail polish shades, a base coat, a topcoat, some glitter polish and iridescent coats, decals and appliqués, and miniature paintbrushes (or lacking those, pointed toothpicks), and prepare for some creative fun! Don’t forget some paper towels, nail polish remover for boo-boos, cotton balls and a piece of cardboard to use as a pallet if you wish to blend colors.

Valentine’s Day Designs:

Whether you’ve lined up the perfect date with your sometimes sweetie or you’re winging it with your longtime love, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to sport beautiful nails. Apply fake tips if you wish, for a more daring look, or paint your natural nails for a comfortable look that can be as dramatic as you desire.

Gather shades of red, white and pink. Do a faux French manicure by painting the base coats pink and allowing them to dry, followed by painting the tips white and allowing those to dry. Add a special touch on your thumb or pinky by painting a tiny red heart. If you have any available, an appliqué or decal may dress the nails up a bit.

Paint a basic coat of pink or red followed by a shimmery topcoat or iridescent gloss.

On a solid backdrop, paint a few hearts for the occasion. Put someone special’s initials on them for a Valentine’s secret…!

St. Patrick’s Day Designs:

Tap into the luck of the Irish with some designs specially tailored for this holiday. Just think about how great your glimmery nails will look clutching your brimming beer stein at the local pub!

Paint your nails in basic shades of green or patterns using different green hues. Try to add texture or layered looks when appropriate.

Create a funky green and white French manicure by painting a green or white base coat and tips of the alternate color. If you wish, paint a shamrock or four-leaf clover on one or two special nails.

Paint nails green or white with clovers or shamrocks, or add themed appliqués or decals… or paint nails solid green and add a layer of gold glitter topcoat.

Easter Designs:

Easter is one of those holidays where family members like to get together for supper and sweet treats. Show off your pretty nails with a delicate manicure just in time for spring!

Paint nails all the same shade of a pretty pastel color. Add appliqués or decals if desired.

If you are feeling extra creative, paint a bunny or a chick on your thumb or pinky.

Paint nails in alternating pastel shades or do a French manicure with two pastel colors.

Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day Designs…

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