Holiday Nail Designs for Beginners

Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day Designs:

Summertime calls for bold and energized looks from head to toe. TIP: Don’t neglect your little piggies as you plan for the perfect manicure this season!

French manicured fingers and toes are a longtime favorite across the board. Add a small accent stripe or gemstone for a splash of color.

Paint nails in alternating colors – red, white and blue.

Paint thumb nails blue with white stars delicately painted or decals applied, or use a simple topcoat of silver glitter. Paint the rest of your nails red with white stripes.

Lose the patriotism for some crazy summer designs – using a tiny paintbrush or toothpick, paint some palm trees, flamingos, soft drinks or cocktails, sunshine, sunglasses and waves.

Halloween Designs:

This holiday presents so many fun opportunities for manicures – and pedicures, if your toes will be peeking out of your shoes! First consider your Halloween costume, if you’ll be dressing up. If any special nail styles, lengths, or designs match what you’re trying to achieve, make sure you incorporate that theme into your manicure.

Paint your nails all black for a dark look, all orange for a festive look or alternating in shades of both for the best of both worlds.

Try to find glow-in-the-dark nail polish so you can sneak up on your friends and family at night and give them a scare!

Find a color or style that complements your Halloween costume. Go dazzling and beautiful with a set of fake nails and a pretty color that matches your outfit, or go gruesome and scary with black, green or dark brown nails. Red makes for a great vampire!


Christmas and New Year’s Designs…

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