Which Brush Should I Use to Create Certain Hairstyles?

Did you know that the brush you use can make a difference in the outcome of your hairstyle? In fact, certain brushes – for example, round brush, paddle brush, cushion brush, etc. – are designed to help create specific hairstyles.

FHI Heat hair brushes

Once you learn which hairstyles look best when styled with which brushes, you should be in good shape to create all your favorite hairstyles easily and effortlessly.

Phillip Wilson, the new Global Creative Director of FHI Heat professional hair tools, has kindly answered many burning questions regarding different styles of hair brushes and the hairstyles they are most often used to create. Read on to learn which hair brush you should use to create your favorite hairstyle for a beautiful and flawless finish.

Q . Life Love Beauty – What type of brushes should women use for different styling purposes and what types of hairstyles and styling techniques go best with each of the FHI Heat brushes?

A. Phillip Wilson –


Purpose / Technique of a Round Brush:
To add volume, lift, style direction, and smoothing to fine to medium hair textures.

Best hairstyle for a Round Brush:
Roundness to the shape, a bob, style, and any style with lift in the crown. Short hair with directional lift. Round brushes come in many sizes and the smaller the circumference the tighter the curl. The larger the circumference, the more volume and lift.

Why you should own a Round Brush:
You should own this brush if your desired style need more volume and lift.


Purpose / Technique of a Paddle Brush:
To straighten curly hair, to smooth rough hair, to add shine and direction to medium to coarse textures of hair.

Best hairstyle for a Paddle Brush:
Styles with straight lines and looks closer to the head. Think Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman.

Why you should own a Paddle Brush:
To get smooth, shiny, straight hair.


Purpose / Technique of a Cushion Brush:
To smooth and straighten while adding bounce and lift to the hair. Good for all textures of hair. Great for taming over curly hair without completely straightening it.

Best hairstyle for a Cushion Brush:
Any style you plan to curl once blow-dry is complete. Removes moisture and directional styling, forward, or backward, for example. Looks such as Beyonce, Christina Applegate….

Why you should own a Cushion Brush:
To style and control the hair in a natural directional way. To add shine without reducing volume, or adding volume.

FHI Heat hair brushes


Q . Life Love Beauty – Can you tell us what makes FHI HEAT brushes more special than a run-of-the-mill hair brush? 

A. Phillip Wilson – We offer styles in all three areas as well as several sizes suited to different lengths of hair. Our brushes also offer ergonomic grip handles.

Q . Life Love Beauty – How many different types of brushes should women own?

A. Phillip Wilson –
That depends on how many different ways she likes to wear her hair.

When you get a new look in a salon you should always purchase the brush the stylist used and ask them for specific tips for drying at home.

Q . Life Love Beauty – What type of brush do you see as most critical to have on hand?

A. Phillip Wilson –
All three types if you are a professional and one to support the chosen style for a consumer.

Q . Life Love Beauty – Anything else you would like to add?

FHI Heat Global Creative Director Phillip WilsonA. Phillip Wilson – Only the all important – Comb wet hair, never brush it.

About the Expert:
Phillip Wilson is the new Global Creative Director of FHI Heat professional hair tools. To learn more about FHI Heat and FHI Heat products, visit www.fhiheat.com.

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