Ten Tips for Holiday Makeup and Nails

The holidays are the perfect time to dress up your appearance and make a statement with beautiful holiday makeup and an attractive winter manicure. Bold, rich tones for nail polish (Utopia nail polish available at Amazon.com)Holiday makeup and holiday nails can be as simple or as involved as you like, which gives you the flexibility to spruce up your look without a large time or cost investment. Or you can splurge and pick out nifty new holiday cosmetics and treat yourself to a professional holiday manicure.

Applying makeup for the holidays doesn’t have to be much different than applying makeup for any other time. You can use the same makeup techniques you’ve come to know and love, and you can even use most of your current makeup products to create beautiful and sexy holiday looks. However, it’s a lot more fun if you add a few new cosmetics to your collection, especially with the holidays in mind.

Consider these ten tips for holiday makeup and nails:

1.    Color – Start off your holiday makeover with rich, warm tones in gold, purple, emerald, and other jewel tones.
Cosmetics industry experts recommend gunmetal gray for both eyes and nails. Also, you can never go wrong with beautifully blended earth tones.

2.    Texture – Matte finish is in for the winter season and for the holidays.
Ditch the gloss and take your holiday makeup in the direction of the current trend.

Metallics are in for the holiday season (photo courtesy of morguefile)3.    Finish – Metallic and shimmery tones score major points for holiday makeup and holiday nail styles.

4.    Skin tone – Experts agree – this winter and the holiday season are the perfect time to warm your skin tone with a light dusting of the correct shade of bronzer.

5.    Coverage – For a natural looking complexion, check out mineral makeup foundations.
A good quality powder foundation can provide great coverage and improvement of your complexion without reminding you that you’re wearing foundation.

6.    Eyes – When it comes to your lashes, don’t settle for less than the best. Choose mascara that offers both volume and length.

7.    Lips – Conflicting opinions pave the way for holiday makeup for your lips this season. Some experts stress the berry stained lip shades while others urge muted tones in neutral pinks and peaches. Pick your poison.

8.    Nails – Holiday nails call for dark shades and short, well manicured fingernails. Don’t be afraid to show off those bold and dark colors.

9.    Cheeks – Keep your blush soft and natural and let winter’s nippy bite do the rest. Check out soft peach tones for a sweet and innocent look.

10.    Practice – To select the best holiday makeup or holiday nail styles for you, consider getting a free makeup session at a department store.
After your session, select at least one item that you like enough to purchase, and commit the new look to memory so you can practice it at home.

Remember, these are just a few out of many, many holiday makeup tips and suggestions for holiday nails. Keep in mind the colors of the season as well as the message you want to convey with your holiday makeup or manicure. Too light and you fade away into the winter and too dark or too bold and you’ll stand out in a crowd. For best results, practice your holiday makeup or holiday manicure prior to the special day or night when you intend to wear it.

Once you’ve found the perfect holiday makeup tips and holiday manicure tips for yourself, share your new expertise with your friends so they can also enjoy a glamorous appearance this holiday season!

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