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Holiday Gift Guide for Long Distance Friends, Relatives, and Loved Ones

Holidays and birthdays often bring relatives and loved ones together, even when some of the family may live far away from the rest. Shopping for long distance friends and relatives can be a challenging task for a number of reasons. Perhaps you don’t know these relatives as well as you know your local relatives, which makes gift selection less intuitive. Perhaps your long distance friend or loved one is just plain hard to buy for in the first place.

When selecting holiday presents or birthday gifts for relatives or friends who live out of town or even out of the country, keep in mind that you will either have to ship the present to your loved one, or he or she will have to take it back in with the luggage. Because of this, some gifts that may seem perfect for this person may not be easy to accommodate.

Before you give up on finding the perfect gift for your long distance relatives and friends, allow your creativity and imagination a chance at finding a wonderful present. Try to think of things that don’t weigh a lot or things that don’t take up a lot of space. Consider gift cards and gift certificates and other items that bring a lot of value without a lot of hassle.

Consider these gift ideas for long distance relatives, long distance friends, and long distance loved ones:

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates
As long as you can narrow down a couple of your long distance friend or relative’s interests or hobbies, you will be in good shape to select a gift certificate or gift card as a present. This way, you don’t need to know exactly what your loved ones want or need – they can actually pick their gifts out for themselves.

If your uncle likes electronics, you’d be pretty safe with a Best Buy gift card or a Circuit City gift card. If your aunt loves gardening, you can find a nursery or garden center in her area and purchase a gift card so she can pick out some new plants or flowers that will always remind her of you.

If you really don’t know what to get your long distance friend or relative, you can always opt for an Amazon.com gift card, as the selection of items on Amazon.com is virtually endless, providing something for everyone.

Travel Gift Certificates
A gift certificate for travel offers a gift of freedom and flexibility to your loved one. Depending on your budget, you can give your friend or relative a gift certificate to offset the cost of a romantic weekend getaway or an exciting weekend adventure. If you want to spend a bit more on this person, you can always get a travel gift certificate at BnB Finder.

BnB Finder serves as an online portal featuring many relaxing, romantic, and adventurous vacation getaway destinations. When you order gift certificates for travel with BnB Finder, you are essentially giving your gift recipient the freedom to select the perfect destination based on his or her travel preferences. In fact, more than 1500 locations accept BnB Finder’s travel certificates!

For more information on featured destinations at BnB Finder or to purchase a travel gift certificate, visit BnB Finder online.

Gift of the Month Club
From the traditional to the extreme, you can surely find your long distance loved one an appropriate gift of the month. Some favorite themes for gift of the month clubs include:

•    Beer of the Month – Men and women alike will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness for a beer of the month gift.

•    Wine of the Month – Wine of the month offers your gift recipient a wonderful and relaxing gift to enjoy with dinner or without.

•    Coffee of the Month – For your favorite caffeine fans and those who claim they can’t start their day without it: (ground or whole bean available) $80.85 for three months of ground coffee$161.70 for six months of whole bean, and many selections available from one month to 12 months

•    Hot Sauce of the Month$30 for three months, $55 for six months, and more…

•    Fresh Fruit of the Month$104.85 for three months, $209.70 for six months, $419.40 for 12 months, with other options available.

•    Cheese of t
he Month
– A wonderful choice for your cultured loved ones: $134.85 for three  months, $179.80 for seasonal, $263.70 for six months, $515.40 for 12 months

•    Chocolate of the Month – The perfect present for any chocoholic: $99 for three months, $198 for six months, $296 for nine months, $389 for 12 months…

•    Pizza of the Month – A gourmet treat for pizza lovers: $69.95 for one month, $209.85 for three months, $419.70 for six months, and more…

•    12-Month Spice Blend Club – A great gift for fans of gourmet cooking and new recipes: $125 for 12 months of spices plus authentic Thai rice tureen and ladle

•    Marinade of the Month – A tasty treat for the chef at heart: $36 for three months, $62 for six months

•    Jam of the Month – A nice gift for aunts, grandparents, and anyone who enjoys jam and toast or crackers: $45 for three months, $90 for six months

•    Gourmet Fudge of the Month$65.50 for three months, $264.50 for 12 months

•    Tea of the Month $67.89 – $93.99 for six months (with Dimbula Press or teapot if desired), $117.49 – $142.49 for 12 months (with Dimbula Press or teapot if desired)

•    Salsa of the Month – This gift would be great for football fans and anyone who loves Mexican food or a good snack: $59.85 for three months, $79.80 for seasonal, $113.70 for six months, $215.40 for 12 months

•    BBQ Sauce of the Month – A great gift for your favorite grill master: $36 for three months, $62 for six months

•    Dinner & a Movie of the Month Club – A great gift for young couples and those who enjoy cooking and relaxing together: $89.85 for three months, $119.80 for seasonal, $173.70 for six months, and $335.40 for 12 months

•    Cookie of the Month – The perfect gift for your own favorite cookie mo
nster: $67.89 for three months

•    Note: Check around for other monthly gift clubs – many offer unique gifts like jerky, dinner of the month, dessert of the month, etc.

Finding a special gift for a friend or relative who lives far away can be quite the daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these gifts and use your own creativity to think of other special gifts that would also be fitting for your recipient. Try to think of gifts you would like to receive from that person if you were out of town and visiting him or her at home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift guide for long distance friends, relatives, and loved ones. Good luck finding that perfect gift!

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