RAVE REVIEW: Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum

Who knew chores could be fun? And who knew having a Dyson handheld vacuum could make one’s husband do more housework with a smile, even if it is pink?Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum, available at Amazon.com

The Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum is a godsend to anyone who does their own household cleaning. The device is lightweight yet highly effective, featuring awesome suction power and immediate and effective results in sucking up crumbs, dust, dirt, fuzz, lint, and much more.

When my Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum arrived, my husband couldn’t even wait for me to get home before opening it. He happily hunted around the house to find this helpful cleaning device a home and he was thrilled to scour our entire first floor for any trace of dirt, cobwebs, or dust bunnies that could be swept away quickly and easily with the Dyson handheld vacuum. If I knew other women’s husbands would react the same way, I would urge you right now to purchase this wonderful handheld vacuum.

An amazing cleaning machine, the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum features a pretty pink hue and a fine selection of Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum, available at Amazon.comattachments. The dirt trap for the vacuum is easy to empty and clean. You can even take this handheld vacuum into your vehicle to do as much detail work as you like.

You can mount the charging station for the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum on a wall in your home or simply find a nice nook to plug it in and store it for fast access. This device really is easy to use and I must admit – much better than pulling out the full size vacuum or even the broom and dustpan for light cleaning in the kitchen or elsewhere.

The Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum retails for $149.99 and is available at Target and Amazon.com. A portion of all sales of this device goes toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can learn more about the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum at www.dyson.com.

How to Buy It: This product is available exclusively at Target (in stores and online, also at Target’s store on Amazon.com).

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