Hot Hairstyles in Five Minutes or LESS!

We all go through it. From the yucky super-humid days when nothing we do with our hair will possibly look right to the rainy Mondays when we just don’t care, to the eve of our hot date when we go through eight hairstyles before opting to just let the hair run wild, sometimes a “bad hair day” can very easily become a “bad hair week” without fair warning. The weather may be rainy and humid all week long, the hairstylist may have chopped our locks entirely the wrong way, but despite our dismay, life does go on.

Check out the scenarios below for a quick fix on unruly hair, flat hair, whatever hair.

Scenario #1 – Business Boo-Boo Fixer Upper
It’s not even 8:30 in the morning and things couldn’t be much worse. You slept through your alarm and you’ve got a major business presentation in 35 minutes. After taking the fastest shower of your life, you’ve got five minutes to throw on your makeup and do something with your wet hair. Think fast!

Remembering back to your childhood days, think about what your mother used to do for you when you needed to look nice for school. Be it picture day or another special occasion, chances are you’ve got a special hair trick up your sleeve that you’ve completely forgotten! Mine happens to be your plain old run of the mill braid. Separate your hair into three sections, alternately pulling one over the other until you’ve created an attractive plait in no time! For a special feminine touch, leave out a tiny strand of hair at your crown, near your ear or at the nape of your neck. (To save time, turn your curling iron on prior to braiding your hair.) Create a loose curl here or there to add an elegant element to your professional-looking style.

Scenario #2 – Last-Minute Lovely Locks
Whether it’s a first date with a new hottie or a special occasion with your long-term beau, looking like the gorgeous bombshell you are is nonnegotiable! But looking fabulous doesn’t have to take an eternity… Rely on a few quick and easy hair care tips to get you going.

For a seductive look, rely on a daring hairstyle that nicely displays a bare neck. Invite sweet kisses on your soft skin by sweeping your hair up into a makeshift French twist with a set of ornate chopsticks or a delicate, pretty hairpin. Even if your hair is still wet, it should be responsive to these facile styles. And while wearing hair up can be completely tantalizing, setting free your flowing locks might just ignite some wild desire in your date. Tame your tresses with a gentle anti-frizz product that won’t sticky your hair or leave a visible residue. For naturally curly babes, rub some gel or a small amount of styling product between your hands and scrunch your curls into submission.

Scenario #3 – Tiresome Tresses Crave Revitalization
Sick of the same old ponytail? Tired of – yawn – everlasting straight hair? Mix things up a bit by adding some fancy accents to your inventory! Invest in some colorful hair scarves, headbands, crab claw clips, hairpins, chopsticks and other fun hair accessories. You can get a nice selection of hair goodies at the dollar store, grocery store, drugstore and countless other venues.

By spending only $10 or $15, you can completely revamp your hair without going to any great coloring or styling lengths. Pick out a few neat items and use them from time to time instead of battling your hair into submission with styling products and appliances. Don’t have time to blow dry your mane? Fret not! Merely twist your hair up and clip it to your head with one of your new fashion accessories! When all else fails, get comfy. Throw on a pair of jeans, your favorite hooded sweatshirt and a hat!

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