Classy Hair Care Tips for Sophisticated and Mature 40+ Women

Women in their 40s and beyond know the importance of properly caring for their maturing hair. Clarifying shampoo can work wonders for your hair! (Photo courtesy of choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to avoiding excessive heat to their tresses, sophisticated mature women recognize that certain steps must be taken to maintain healthy, shiny, strong, and beautiful hair.

Practicing the right hair care tips for mature women can improve the quality of your hair while also making your hair more manageable and easier to style. To get strong and beautiful hair all the time, follow these classy and sophisticated hair care tips for mature women.

Hair Care & Maintenance Tips for Mature 40+ Women

“The biggest complaint I have gotten, being in the industry for 23 years, is that clients will buy new shampoos and conditioners and the products stop working after a while, so they go out and buy new products,” says Scott Fontana of Badass Hair. “Well the problem is that products build-up on the hair, shampoos, conditioners, etc. This is why the consumer believes it stops working. There is so much build-up from product and the environment that the product does not even get through the build-up to the hair to cleanse and condition.

“This especially happens more during the summer months because we are outside more. I recommend that the consumer use a clarifying shampoo about once every two weeks.”

Clarifying shampoo can work wonders for your hair! (Photo courtesy of Fontana’s hair care tips for using a clarifying shampoo:

1. Apply the clarifying shampoo to the hair.
2. Massage the product into the hair.
3. Leave the shampoo on for about three minutes.
4. Rinse and then cleanse again with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

“This will remove the build so your shampoo and conditioner can properly cleanse and condition,” Fontana says. “Badass Hair Wicked Mint Shampoo is a very light clarifying shampoo.”

Mature Hair Care Tips for Aging Hair and Gray Hair

Just like fine hair and textured hair, aging hair and gray hair also require special attention and special techniques and hair care maintenance to keep hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Follow these mature women’s hair care tips for 40+ hair.

“This is the age when things start to change, especially the body,” Fontana says. “When it comes to 40+ hair, I believe that hair does not get older, it just changes texture. For some of us it falls out and gets thinner. And for some it turns colors. You know the color I’m talking about, gray or silver.

Try these sophisticated hair care tips gray hair and mature 40+ women.“Now when hair turns gray, the texture changes along with it. It usually becomes more coarse and harder to work with. What I recommend are products that will soften the hair so it will become more manageable and easier to work with for the person. Also 99% of the time I recommend that the person color the gray hair, 1. because it ages our looks, 2. because it will change the texture of the gray hair, again to make it easier to manage and to work with. Badass Hair Ecstasy Luxury Shampoo and Vanilla Ocean Deep Treatment I would recommend using on coarse gray hair.”

Of course, if you don’t want to color your gray or silver hair, do not feel obligated. Gray hair or silver hair can also give off a classy and sophisticated look in and of themselves. Find products that work well for your gray hair or silver hair and take steps to improve your hair’s texture and overall condition. Taking good care of your 40+ hair will help to make your hair shiny, smooth, strong, and beautiful.

“I’m gonna tell you straight out, either you use Badass Hair or some other brand,” Fontana says. “I’m the hair care expert that will tell you, use whatever works on your hair. Whatever keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and strong. These are the three components to beautiful hair.”

About the Expert:

Scott Fontana is the mastermind behind Badass Hair. He’s been cutting and styling hair for more than two decades, and he has worked on many of the world’s biggest celebrities. To learn more about Scott Fontana and Badass Hair, visit

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