In the Spirit of Giving: The Best Gift I Ever Gave

Celebrate the holidays and give the best gifts you possibly can to your loved ones.The holidays are a special time to remember those we love. Many people show their love by giving gifts to their family, friends, and significant others. In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we bring you a list of the best gifts some of our readers have ever given for holidays or birthdays.

In November, Life Love Beauty hosted a contest with author Irene Brand to determine the best gifts any of our readers have ever given or received. Read on for heartwarming tales of the best gift a reader ever gave.

The Best Gift I Ever Gave

“Before Christmas, I found all of these old photographs that my mother had kept in shoeboxes in the bottom of the hall entry closet.  I found some great photo albums and placed all of the pix in the books in chronological order (that was not easy).  She and the entire family loved the surprise of this unexpected and shared present.” – Ed Nemmers, IL

“My dad, nicknamed ‘Buck’, was running an (illegal) football pool in his nursing home.  He had a great time with it, and staff and residents participated.  For Christmas I created him a ‘Buck the Bookie’ visor.  He loved it and wore it until he died a year later.  He was so proud to be the nursing home ‘troublemaker.’” – Jennifer Short, WV

“I love to prepare a special meal as a gift. When I was a teen, I made a lavish anniversary dinner for my parents. I was so proud of myself, and it is a meal they still talk about. A gift that stays with someone for more than 25 years, has to be a great gift!” – Debra Ford, NY

“The greatest gift I gave was the wedding dress I bought for my sister. She decided against the traditional wedding and opted to go to Vegas. I bought her a 3/4 length lace dress for the occasion. She was overwhelmed. The best Christmas ever for both of us.” – Michele Guinsburg, TX

“My sister was 44 and I was 45. She was dying of breast cancer and I was in remission. For Christmas I bought her a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I didn’t think much about it but she called me all excited and asked me to buy her more of those books. When someone is leaving this life you don’t know what to get them as they can’t take it with them. But this helped sustain and nourish her soul when she needed it. She’s gone now and I’d do anything to buy one of those books for her again.” – Rosanne Morrison, IL

“Give a nice gift to a child for Christmas that normally may not get much for Christmas. I did this two Christmases ago for a child whose mother was on drugs. This young fellow was so happy he couldn’t believe someone would give him something.” – Ingrid Jackson, SC

Handmade gifts are very often cherished!“A few years ago I didn’t have much money but I wanted to give my friend who lives in a retirement home a Christmas gift.  It doesn’t seem life much but I can knit, I made her a shawl and an afghan, both in her favorite color of a lovely soft blue. I was surprised and touched that my gifts brought tears to her eyes. Later she told me that my homemade gifts warmed her twice– once with yarn, once with love.” – Pat Nieh, CA

“Last year a friend invited me to her home to have Thanksgiving dinner. While there I learned that my friend’s brother’s family had lost everything they owned a few weeks before in the Southern California wildfires. To make matters worse, her brother had been operated on for a brain tumor (one the size of a grapefruit was taken from his head) just before the fire, and the home they were renting at the time of the fire had no insurance coverage. I had just won a cash prize for a recipe contest, and decided to spend the money on Christmas for this family. It took me a few days – including shopping on Black Friday, which I had vowed years ago never to do again – to get the many items needed for this family of four young children.

“I had my friend’s children help me sort and giftwrap all of the items. It took two or three days just to get everything wrapped.  Two weeks before Christmas we drove out to the home that someone was letting this family ‘borrow’ for the time being and delivered the gifts. The young mother wept and hugged me. The twin boys, around age 8, were so excited about the gifts they were running around, leaping in the air. The most shy twin came over, wrapped his arms around me, kissed me and said, ‘Thank you.’ I drove home that night feeling warm inside, and content that I had helped this family start their new life with a true token of Christmas spirit.” – Sheila Christensen, CA

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