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Presents People Really Love: The Best Gift I Ever Received

If you want to know what presents people really love, look no further. Here are the best gifts ever received according to a number of Life Love Beauty readers. If you are having a hard time deciding what gifts to give or which gifts to put on your own wish list, check out these suggestions.

In November, Life Love Beauty hosted a contest with author Irene Brand to determine the best gifts any of our readers have ever given or received. From puppies to good memories, we’ve discovered the best of the best gifts ever. Read on for heartwarming tales of the best gift a reader ever received.

The Best Gift I Ever Received

“The best gift I ever received was the gift I received for Christmas two years ago. Our son is in the Army and was stationed in Afghanistan. I felt like crying Christmas Eve as I looked at the tree. The phone rang and there was Peter on the other end. I asked him where he was and he told me to open the front door. I ran to the door and there exhausted from three days of travel was my son! I will cherish that gift forever.” – Laura Emerson, MS

“My best gift ever received was a handmade Christmas card from my four year old granddaughter. I will cherish it forever.” – Phyllis Beardsley, OH

“My son and his wife gave me the Black & Decker Lids-Off Jar Opener for a gift.  I have a spinal injury from being rear ended in a car accident and it is very difficult for me to do a lot of things.  This works great and allows me to open jars of all sizes except the really ones.  Love it for allowing me to be much more independent.” – Linda Anderson, NV

“A few years ago my kidneys failed and I started dialysis until a donor kidney could be located. I was pretty far down on the list of recipients because of my age and other health problems. One of my sons donated a kidney and maybe that’s why I am alive today.”  – Phillip Stacy, FL

“For my 50th birthday my husband, my three sisters, my parents and my niece chipped in $100 each to surprise me with a Yorkie puppy! I had wanted one for some time since one of the parents from my school brought a Yorkie when she picked up her daughter early as school was turned out for flooding. I really liked that dog and wanted one of my own. I have had Daisy for six years. My husband and I love her sooo much! She was my best gift ever!” – Sharon Seneker, TN

“Last year, I received a diamond solitaire ring from my husband. I had been wearing just a gold wedding band since our marriage. The ring is beautiful, and I love it. I have the most amazing husband…” – Beverley Justice, NC

“My daughter got her first baby doll. It was so sweet.” – Donna Kozar, IN

“The best gift I have ever received is my son. I know a lot of people might say something like this but I waited years for his arrival. I lost a premature son when I was nearly 18. I didn’t meet my now husband until 2004 and married him shortly after. We had a beautiful healthy baby boy in October of 2005 when I was 33. He has just turned three. We went through a lot during my pregnancy. Since I was considered high risk, I had to get a cerclage put in after 16 weeks and my husband had to give me shots to prevent premature labor. On top of all that my dad got sick suddenly and passed away while I was pregnant. I went to visit him in hospice and slept in his room with him for a few days. Shortly after I went back home – I live in another state…he passed away. I had plans to go the funeral but on my way to the airport I ended up going to the hospital with bleeding. Luckily nothing was wrong but I missed my dad’s funeral. I am just so grateful to have a beautiful happy healthy son now.” – Susan Parks, GA

“It was our first Christmas together since we started dating and we were both in college. We didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t expect anything for Christmas. We had a nice dinner and my boyfriend told me to close my eyes. He put something in my lap and when I opened my eyes it was the most adorable Lhasa Apso puppy. She was adorable and an amazing dog. That is the best present I ever received.” – Heather Simone, GA

“The best gift I ever received was actually not for me. I was broke one year and a little depressed because I did not have much for my children and my sister came over late one night with a trunk load of gifts for my kids all signed Love Mom and even two big Santa gifts signed ‘Love Santa’. I was my kids’ hero that year and she was mine.” – Joan Olson, FL

“Our two autistic children wear me out on ‘normal’ days. Preparing for Christmas is especially draining. One particular Christmas Eve, I was totally exhausted. With the children finally asleep and presents under the tree, my husband sent me to bed. I quickly fell asleep, awaking to my best Christmas present ever. He stayed up very late cleaning the entire house!” – Elizabeth Ray, CA

“The best gift that I ever received was a DVD episode kit of King of Queens. I know that sounds funny, but my son’s father gave it to me when our son was born. He knew how much I loved KOQ and that I’d be up odd hours breastfeeding or trying to get the baby back to sleep. I thought it was really creative and sweet!” – Autumn Howard, NE

“My father bought me a new pair of shades. It was special to me because I don’t often get to see my father since he’s been so busy. I was very grateful and I wore it every day, especially on a bright, shining day.” – David Tercero, FL

“Used to pursue life of adventure, moving a lot – one suitcase of clothes the other of writings – little else, save a plane ticket and a job offer – caretaking. One day a methodical man asked me to elope to Las Vegas. Soon, they conceived, realizing best gift wasn’t being in adventure but a family which provides plenty of adventure daily.” – Amy Lutz, NM

“The best gift I ever received was my little lapdog because my oldest daughter got him for me when I couldn’t cuddle with my big dogs after a surgery. She found him and paid for him herself from her first job.” – Sherry Conrad

“The best gift I ever got was the adoption of our 16 year old foster daughter; we have had her for over two years, and now this is our first Christmas as a ‘forever family’. We have five grown kids, and she is now #6 and our baby! It’s a really great gift to us.” – Vickie Couturier, TN

“The very best gift I have gotten is the gift of love from my parents. I was one of 5 kids and my parents managed to make our life live able with lots of love. We always got Christmas gifts and we were happy. They took us on camping vacations in the summer. They always sacrificed for us kids. The last gift I got from my mother was a digital camera and I got to take a family picture. Little did I know that I would lose four family members, my little sister, younger brother, dad, mom in two years. I look at that picture and thank Mom for giving me the camera. I know she hears me.” – Kate Usher, PA


“To me, the best gifts to give or receive don’t need to cost a lot of money, nor do they require searching every store in town to find the perfect gift for someone.  I believe the best gifts come from the heart and I love to give or receive gifts that may have perhaps taken me a lot of time to make, and I may put that extra special touch on it to tailor it to the specific person I am giving the gift to, but gifts that come from the heart are unique and irreplaceable when you put a lot of thought and effort in making something special for the recipient.

“Remember the days when you used to love to go to your grandmother’s house because you knew she was going to spoil you rotten with all her home baked meals and goodies.  Remember how much you looked forward to that and the love that you felt when you finally arrived to her home and she doted on you hand and foot to make sure you had enough on your plate and you were enjoying the food.  To me, that is the greatest gift in life, those moments are instilled in my memory and I will have them in my heart forever.  That is the perfect gift.  The gift of love and the gift from the heart.

“This Christmas we should all take a step back, remembering our childhood days, when life was simpler and kinder, and no one really used the word technology or internet in our vocabulary.  Take that path back in time and try and reinvent some new Christmas memories this year with your friends and family by not going out and buying that new iPod or cashmere sweater as a gift, but making something you feel is special that the recipient will like and enjoy. You will be surprised how unexpected your gift will be to the person, and how much love and appreciation they will get out of it knowing you took time out of your busy day to make something unique and special for them.”  – Joanna Smith, NY

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