How to Get Warm and Stay Warm without Turning up the Heat

In the winter and the cooler months of the year, chilly weather makes it difficult for us to keep our homes and our bodies as warm as we’d like. Turning up the heat is the easy solution, but it is not the most economical solution. Instead, why not try some of these suggestions for how to get warm and stay warm this winter!

Rather than running up your electric bill unnecessarily, consider being smarter about how to stay warm at home. When it comes to outdoor winter recreation, try these tips for staying warm outside. Here are 15 tips for getting warm and staying warm either outside or inside without turning up the heat:

1. Drink a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. This is a great option for at home, at work, or on the commute in between. Warm beverages are a fabulous way to warm yourself from heat to toe.

2. Go for a walk. Get your body moving and get your blood flowing. You can warm yourself with only a short walk at home or at work.

3. Get up, move around, and do some chores. Just like taking a walk, you can warm up by moving and doing things, and also by taking your mind off the cold. Plus, you are getting things done that you need to do anyway – good job!

4. Wear socks and shoes. Experts say a lot of heat escapes through your head and feet, so wear socks and shoes when possible to keep yourself warm all over. If you have wool socks, those are better yet!

5. Dress in layers. If you dress in several layers, you can always add more layers or take something off to readjust your body temperature. Layers are great because this form of dressing provides flexibility and an easy way to get comfortable in the winter temperatures.

6. Wear a knit hat. As mentioned earlier, heat escapes from the head as well as the feet. Wear a nice warm hat or snowcap when possible to keep the warmth from escaping your body.

7. Sit under an electric blanket for a little while. Although you are still using heat, you’re only heating what’s necessary for you to stay warm. Just make sure you read and follow the safety instructions on your heated blanket.

8. Eat some warm soup or broth. Whether inside or out, eating warm soup or warm broth can really warm your body from head to toe. Enjoy a tasty meal or snack to help you stay warm!

9. Close doors to rooms you aren’t using and close the heating vents for those rooms. Keep your energy usage as efficient as possible by not wasting electricity on rooms that are empty.

10. Place “draft dodgers” or door snakes next to all exterior doors. Draft dodgers are long and skinny beanbags, sometimes shaped as animals and other times shaped like a long skinny tube, to block the draft from entering your house. Place one at the door between your garage and your home, place one at your front door, and one at your back door.

11. Try using those hand warmer packets. If you plan to be doing any hiking, hunting, fishing, sledding, skiing, outdoor ice-skating, or other outdoor activities, hand warmers can really provide comfort by helping to avoid freezing fingers.

12. Do some wash and run the dryer. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting your laundry out of the way and also warming up your home.

13. Bake something for dinner (or cookies!) in your oven.
The best time to use this technique is when it is actually time to make a meal or a dessert or snack. No sense in using one form of electricity to avoid another, but if you’ve got to cook anyway, there’s no sense in turning on the heat too.

14. Exercise! It’s no lie – if you move around and get your heart pumping, you can raise your body temperature to a comfortable level. The bonus – you’re also helping to get in shape or stay in shape!

15. Snuggle up under blankets or inside a fleece robe. If possible, spend some quality time with a loved one, cuddled up under some blankets. You can watch a movie together, sit in front of a fireplace, or merely relax in each other’s arms.

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