Wine Lovers Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, and Hostess Gifts

Wine often makes the perfect gift for a loved one, family member, friend, neighbor, or acquaintance. No matter if your gift recipient prefers red wine or white wine you should still be able to find a very suitable and classy wine related gift. Consider this wine lovers’ gift guide to help you choose a great wine themed gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, Christmas, or even as a hostess gift.

Depending on the interests of your gift recipient, you can choose from wine themed books to wine gadgets to actual bottles of wine and everything in between. You can search for great wine themed gifts like fancy wine stoppers, wine aerators, corkscrews and specialty wine openers, and of course, new labels of wine to taste and enjoy.

Wine gifts can be a perfect fit for your parents or in-laws, friends, siblings, party hosts and hostesses, coworkers, neighbors, and just about anyone of drinking age who enjoys a little vino. Consider the following wine gifts to help you offer a lovely present to that special someone, no matter whom he or she may be.

Wine Lovers Gift Guide – Wine Gadgets and Accessories

Wine lovers and winos will really appreciate thoughtful gifts they can enjoy with a fine glass of wine. For the wine aficionado, consider corkscrews, wine aerators, wine charms, and more. You can find wine totes, wine buckets and wine chillers, and so much more. Consider these wine gadgets and accessories for your next wine themed gift:

Corkscrews – A good corkscrew gives you the peace of mind to know you won’t ever have to struggle opening a bottle of wine! Some popular and well-rated corkscrews are Screwpull by Le Creuset Table Model Corkscrew, Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrew, and Screwpull by Le Creuset Pocket Model Corkscrew. You might also consider something like the Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric Wine-Bottle Opener for convenience and an even easier time opening the wine.

Wine Aerators – Wine aerators create a better bouquet, improve the flavors of your wine, and ensure a smoother finish. Aerators expose the wine to air, which in turn enhances the taste and also smoothes the acidity of younger wines. Using a wine aerator like the wildly popular Vinturi Deluxe 6-Piece Wine Aerator Set (or Vintori Essential Wine Aerator) allows you to send oxygen to the wine in only seconds. Wine aerators are one of the unsung wine accessories that may be a great fit for your wine fan friends and family members.

Wine Charms – Wine charms are a great way for guests to tell their glasses apart, and they also make a nice gift around the holidays, especially for a hostess gift. You can find countless shapes, styles, and themes of wine charms for a friend, loved one, or hostess. Consider those made with Swarovski crystal, blown glass, or pewter, for starters. You can find cool wine and cheese themed wine charms, gourmet food collection, nautical charms, holiday wine charms, animal wine charms, and countless others, such as wine charms in a variety of colors with no other theme. A wine charms set can be a nice touch for your holiday party, too!

Wine Varietals to Try…

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