How to Best Capture Wedding Memories

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding for as long as you can remember, or its advent has taken you completely by surprise, it is an extraordinary day that you will remember for a lifetime! Celebrate your special union with memories of your past, promises of the present and dreams of your future together.
Half the fun of your wedding day is capturing the wonderful memories of the priceless moment in time, but the other half involves reliving the cherished memories times you and your spouse-to-be have shared.

Share Your Blissful Memories

Showcase your love for each other by decorating a table with photos, albums and memorabilia from the various unforgettable times you have spent together. Vacations you have taken, special events and outings you have attended, and basically any fun times and activities you have shared could be displayed in the form of sporting or musical event tickets, a stuffed animal, or countless other small tokens of your lives together. (Reception halls will be very happy to help you set up such a display table.)

Capture the Memories of the Moment

On the individual tables where your guests will be seated, put disposable cameras so you will receive plenty of photographs of your guests and their dates. You can also be a little more original and distribute a special decorative notebook for your guests to sign, to leave personal messages, inside jokes, old memories and best wishes. Better yet, get a “his” and a “hers” notebook, and one for the both of you together. Going through the pages and reading each message will be something for you and your other half to do together one relaxing day after your honeymoon, or whenever!

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

For a more sentimental approach (or in addition to the previous ideas), compose a slideshow containing pictures of you and your sweetheart growing up until you get to the present. (If you would rather be surprised with the outcome, perhaps your mom or your bridesmaids would compile it.)

Group pictures of you both growing up separately on the same slides – for example, try to put corresponding photos together-your baby photos, first days of school, and so forth – whatever you can get your hands on! The more similarities, the better, but be careful as you grow into your teenage years. This is your day as bride and groom, so avoid including former flames if you comprise prom photos and so forth.

As the slides progress through the baby photos, young childhood, middle childhood, teenage years, and so forth, coordinate appropriate music to fit with those themed slides. You can easily do this through Microsoft PowerPoint’s slideshow functions, or custom create a CD with proper timing to your slides.

Finally, conclude with your grand finale of photos when the two of you met, and progress through the present. This sentimental display will serve as an adorable and emotional keepsake for years to come. Doubtless you will need a few boxes of tissues for your moms and very dear friends!

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