Q&A with Osvaldo Freitas – All about Hairpieces

TressAllure bounce hairpiece, available at Amazon.comHairpieces offer an alternative to hair extensions for those who wish to change their hair often or for those whose hair is not as healthy as required for hair extensions. Hairpieces deliver a renewed sense of style and freedom with one’s hair.

Hairpieces work well to disguise baldness or simply to give a fuller look to one’s natural hair. To follow is a question and answer session with internationally known hair guru, Osvaldo Freitas.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Technically speaking, what is a hairpiece? What is it made of?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Hairpieces are made with 100 percent human hair that is sewn into a mesh. They are fastened to the hair with clips if there is hair or an adhesive.  In my studio, we use them as an alternative to extensions for clients who want to change their hair day by day or for those client’s whose hair is not healthy enough to do extensions.  For damaged or thinning hair, a hairpiece is the ideal alternative to extensions.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is involved when one gets a hairpiece? What process is used?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – A hairpiece is matched specifically for the client’s hair from a color and texture perspective. Typically I see a client, make an assessment and if they want a hairpiece I go ahead and make it to match their natural hair. They return for another appointment to have it put in.

Jessica Simpson HairDo 22Q. Life Love Beauty – Who are good candidates for hair piece?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Anyone with problematic hair as a result of alopecia, chemotherapy, hair loss as a result of stress.  I have worked with many women undergoing chemotherapy and helped them create a sense of normalcy in their lives using hairpieces.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What must be done to prepare oneself and one’s hair for getting a weave?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Nothing!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there any discomfort or are there any negative side effects?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There is no discomfort, nor side effects.  The hairpieces I work with are a mesh and allow the head to breath as well.

Q. Life Love Beauty – As you see them, what are the top benefits of getting a hairpiece?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The top benefits are creating a look that makes a woman feel beautiful if she does not have the hair condition needed to do hair extensions.  Also, a hair weave can bring back a sense of normalcy to women who have lost hair.

Clip-in hairpieces can enhance your look. (photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)Q. Life Love Beauty – How long do hairpieces last? Must they be completely redone, or is there maintenance for them? How often?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – They can last for a lifetime. They should be washed and maintained because they are natural hair and need to be kept up – perhaps once a month.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long does it take to get a hairpiece put in?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Five minutes!

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About the Expert:
Osvaldo Freitas is an internationally known hair guru, widely known for his work in hair extensions and hair pieces. He’s worked all over the world, at fashion shows, and with clientele including numerous celebrities. Freitas opened Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for hair in New York City in October 2008. Learn more at www.osvaldofreitas.com.

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