Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

As you prepare for your Valentine’s Day date, make sure you pay attention to all the details. Spray on a little perfume, brush on some mascara and apply some eye shadow, dab on a bit of lipstick, and by all means, don’t forget to primp and prepare your nails. A Valentine’s Day manicure is the perfect way to dress up any outfit, and it really shows you care about your appearance. You can visit the salon for a Valentine’s Day manicure, or, you can create your own Valentine’s Day nail designs.OPI Designer Series- NEW! - Available at

Creating your own Valentine’s Day nail designs at home can be lots of fun. Make sure you leave yourself a nice window of time so you don’t have to rush on your creative beauty work. As you consider what you’d like your Valentine’s Day manicure to look like, think about the colors you would like to choose for your nail polish. You might consider the traditional pinks and reds and whites for your Valentine’s Day nail designs, or you might go a little deeper by thinking about your intended outfit and which colors would look best with it.

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs You Can Do Yourself

The following are Valentine’s Day nail designs suggested by Nubar:

EZ as 1-2-3 Valentine Nails

EZ Hearts


Angels Whisper by Nubar Red Nail Art Pen by Nubar Pixie Dust Nail Polish by Nubar

To create easy heart Valentine nail designs, follow these steps:

1. Polish the nail using Nubar’s Angels Whisper (N221).
2. Using the Pen side of Red (NAP126), create a heart by placing a “dot” on the nail and slightly dragging a tail to create a “comma”.
3. Create another “comma” next to the first, dragging the “tails” together. Add a few more hearts! Add a touch of sparkle with a coat of Pixie Dust (N222).

More Hearts


Red Glitter Nail Art Pen by Nubar Basic White Nail Art Pen by Nubar

To create heart Valentine nail designs, follow these steps:

1. Polish nail with Nubar Spring Pink (N168), using the pen side of Magenta Metallic (NAP132) Create 3 EZ hearts cascading down the nail.
2. Using Nail Art Striper Red Glitter (A112), create a scalloped edge along one side of the free edge. Repeat along the other edge.
3. Using the striper end of White (NAP123), add accents along your scallop. Finish off the nail with a few small dots.

Sweet French Manicure with Small Heart


Nubar Red Nail Polish White Tip by Nubar Pink Glitter Nail Pen by Nubar Basic White Nail Art Pen by Nubar

To create a sweet French manicure with a small heart for Valentine nail designs, follow these steps:

1. Polish nail with nubar Red (N219), then with nubar White Tip (N113), polish the free edge white.
2. With Nubar Nail Art Pink Glitter (A101), place a stripe separating the two colors.
3. With the pen side of White (NAP123), create a small simple heart on the top right side of the White Tip.

Valentine’s Day Manicures
If you would like to go with a solid colored Valentine’s Day manicure, consider bold and bright pink, red, and wine nail polish hues or dark and sassy steel gray or black nail polish colors. For a delicate manicure, look into pearly and iridescent nail polishes, like shades of white and light pink.

Here are some nail polish color collections for you to consider for your Valentine’s Day manicure:

– Hypnotic Valentine Mini Tote Collection by Nubar – For a true blast of Valentine’s color, this collection has got it all – kit contains  Sexy Red, Oh Baby Pink, Base Coat, Diamont Seal and Shine Top Coat, and a 2oz. Hypnotic Skin Essentials Lotion. Nubar products are free of harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP (Phthalate). (Retail Value $31.95, Discount Price: $24.95, Salon Price $14.95)

– OPI Classics – If you like pinks, reds, mauve, and purple, these might be just the nail polish shades for you. Be sassy this Valentine’s Day! ($8.50 per bottle)

– OPI Designer Series – These lovely berry shades make a fine statement for Valentine’s Day or any day. Each bottle of this designer series of nail polish contains precious diamond dust for added sparkle and dimension. ($12.50 per bottle)

TIP: Even though it’s winter, you might still consider a Valentine’s Day pedicure in addition to your Valentine’s Day manicure!

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