Sweet Nothings – Romantic Things to Say to Your Sweetheart in Foreign Languages

Whisper sweet nothings into your lover's ear for a romantic evening! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)Few things are more romantic than whispering sweet nothings in your lover’s ear, or having your sweetheart whisper sweet nothings in your ear. But when it all comes down to it, what kind of things can one say as sweet nothings?

For starters, you want to share intimate, sexy, or amorous thoughts and feelings with your sweetheart. Throw in the element of another language – especially one of the romance languages – and your sweet nothings will be hard to beat.

Mark Frobose, aka: the Language Guy, is the author and creator of Macmillan Audio’s entire ‘Behind the Wheel’ foreign language line, which offers Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese and more.  The ‘Behind the Wheel’ series compact disks feature an English speaker and a native speaker of the foreign language.

“You must know how to say
‘I love you’ in three languages.”

Ti amo (Italian)…….
……Je t’aime (French)
………Te quiero (Spanish)

“Languages are romantic,” Frobose says. “They are also perceived as being romantic by most Americans. The most popular languages of romance are French and Italian. Very sexy.”

Frobose himself speaks five languages fluently and actively encourages others to learn foreign languages as a guest language expert and through various media efforts as well as his free podcasts. This compact disk learning system could be especially beneficial for commuters – after all, if you’ve got to be stuck in the car, you might as well do something worthwhile and interesting with your time!

Frobose shares the following romantic sweet nothings in Italian, French, and Spanish:

TIP: Make sure you practice your romantic words and phrases that you plan to whisper before you actually plan to say these sweet nothings. Make sure you’ve got your pronunciation right, and consider brushing up on your accent and your speaking skills with a good CD course like Behind the Wheel (which does include this ‘good stuff’).

Amour means “love” in French.
Amore means “love” in Italian.

Ciao bella – “Hello beautiful.” (to a woman) Italian
Ciao bello – “Hello good looking.” (to a man) Italian

Romantic and Sexy Words and Phrases – Sweet Nothings to Whisper
Try whispering these sweet nothings to your lover in French, Italian, and Spanish for a new thrill on Valentine’s Day or any day. Arouse your sweetheart’s emotions and spend some quality time together whispering back and forth with romantic words and phrases you can say on a special night together.

Whisper sweet nothings in your sweetheart's ear for a romantic and seductive twist. (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)“Give me a little kiss.”
Fais-moi un bis-bis (fey mwah uh bee bee) – (French)

Dame un besito (thaw may oohn bay see toe) – (Spanish)

“Hug me.” / “Hug me a little more.”
Serre-moi (sayre mwah) – “Hug me.”  (French)

Stringimi un po’ di piu (steegeeme oohn poh dee peeooh) – “Hug me a little more” (Italian)

“I’m passionately mad about you / You turn me on”
Estou apaxionado por voce (ishto ahpayshonahdoh por voceh) – (Brazilian Portuguese Man to Woman)

Estou apaxionada por voce (ishto ahpayshonahdah por voceh) – (Brazilian Portuguese Woman to Man)

“How about making love?”
Si on faisait l’amour (see own fey zeh lah moor) – (French)

* * *

“The ability to speak a few words of love to one you love in more than one language heightens the senses and resembles a lovely soft and personal music which emanates from the mouth of your lover,” Frobose says.

Frobose shares this special, romantic Valentine’s Day Hint: “Spend time together huddled before a warm fire with wine and Brie and mutter sweet nothings to one another in French and Italian.”

“In closing…  You must know how to say ‘I love you’ in three languages in order to be a great hit with your lover.  Here they are…”

Je t’aime (French)
Ti amo (Italian)
Te quiero (Spanish)

About the Expert:
Mark Frobose, aka: The Language Guy, is author and founder of Macmillan Audio’s ‘Behind the Wheel’ foreign language series. His free podcasts and downloads are available at: www.macmillanaudio.com.

To Buy: You can buy the ‘Behind the Wheel’ series at Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores or online at http://us.macmillan.com/Audio.aspx or directly from www.macmillanaudio.com. You can also download from Audible or buy ‘Behind the Wheel’ at Amazon.com: Mark Frobose ‘Behind the Wheel’ Selection at Amazon.com.

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