21 Fabulous New Year’s Resolutions for a New You

Another New Year, another time to desire or decide to make improvements in your life… Exercising regularly is a great New Year's Resolution, but here are 20 more options. Whether you’re set on a New Year’s resolution or still thinking about things in your life you would like to improve, remember to remain confident in your commitments and do your best in all that you do.

Here are 21 New Year’s Resolutions for a new you. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you, or use these to help you come up with your own New Year’s resolution.

1.    Kick a bad habit. Smoking, speeding, binge drinking, overeating, biting your nails, etc.

2.    Exercise on a regular basis.
Do some cardio every week to get your body back in shape.

3.    Do your part to help the environment. Recycle all that you can, don’t print emails you don’t absolutely need, and purchase “green” products when possible.

4.    Stay in better touch with your friends and family.
Call at least one person each week, send a letter via snail mail to a special someone, and keep in touch via email when possible.

5.    Reconnect with old friends. No matter how much time has gone by, reaching out to old friends can be a very worthwhile endeavor. Even if you haven’t spoken in a long time, the worst thing you can do is let that time become even longer.

6.    Reduce clutter in your house, apartment, or car. Do a deep clean this year to clear out the old and either make room for the new, or just make room.

7.    Become more organized. Put things away right away and file important documents so you never lose them.

8.    Pay off credit card debt if you have it. If you really knew how much you would pay in interest over the duration of your debt, you would pay it off lickety-split.

9.    Eat less junk food. This New Year’s resolution is good for your figure and your health in general.

10.    Drink less soda. Many people know soda isn’t good for your teeth, but giving up soda can also help to improve your figure over all. Even if you don’t cut soda completely out of your diet, you can still improve your health and your body by limiting your intake.

Learn something new like playing an instrument. (photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)11.    Learn something new – a craft, a language, or skill. Pick up a new hobby like photography, crocheting, mosaic tiling, etc. You can have a great time while learning something new – and then you’ll really enjoy the sense of accomplishment once you succeed.

12.    Work “smarter” at your job, and harder if needed. Strive for that promotion or realize your dream and stretch for it.

13.    Have more fun. Don’t fall victim to the workhorse mentality. Make sure you take time for yourself and your loved ones every week, if not every day, to do something fun and recharge your batteries.

14.    Go to church more often if you don’t go regularly already. Get in touch with your spiritual side.

15.    Always look for the silver lining on a bad day. Whether you believe it or not, there are times when you do have some, even if minimal, control over your attitude and your mood. Take the initiative to find the positive if it is there.

16.    Make an effort to see things from other people’s perspectives. Sometimes it’s hard to see things from the other side when we feel passionately about them, but do your best to take a step back and imagine you are someone else in the situation. If may make all the difference.

17.    Keep your romance alive with regular dates and special time together. With a busy work schedule or a week busy with raising kids, it’s important to make that extra effort to find some special time with your sweetheart.

18.    Look at change as an opportunity to achieve great things in a new way. Not everyone likes change, but all change doesn’t have to be bad. Find the positives and capitalize on them!

19.    Find new and creative ways to save money in this fumbling economy. Whether you clip coupons, carpool, sell items from your home that you don’t need, or start a small home business, you can find lots of creative and interesting ways to save or make more money.

20.    Get serious about your retirement. You are never too young to get started in saving for your future, and if you’re already on your way there, do what you can to increase your savings.

21.    Let go of the past. Life is too short to hold a grudge or carry regrets.

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