Try Meditation with Movement to Change Your Life

Of course you’ve heard that a positive attitude can do wonders for your life and your achievements. Beautiful views can enhance meditation. (photo courtesy of Lisa Solonynko, did you know that a positive attitude can also help you achieve your fitness goals when coupled with meditation and exercise?

When you focus on body, mind, and spirit, you get so much more out of your workout. Whether you want to improve a certain aspect of your life, kick a bad habit, or change your life’s direction altogether, meditation with movement can help you get there in a healthy and empowering way.

Ellie Peterson has taught exercise classes to every age group. Through her own program, she has raised her children as a single mother, quit smoking, lost weight, graduated from college, remarried, and started her own business. She says she has learned to love and accept herself, which is something that will guide her for a lifetime.

With both a book and instructional DVD on the market, Ellie Peterson wants to promote the helpful concept of meditation with movement. She kindly shares some tips and additional information, exclusively for Life Love Beauty readers.
Free your mind, body, and spirit with meditation. (photo courtesy of
Q. Life Love Beauty – Could you please tell us some ways that meditation can change or improve someone’s life?  
A. Ellie Peterson – Meditation while moving can change lives because the power of the person’s mind, body and being are working together. Meditation has helped me be aware of who I am so that I can embrace life and love myself. Being at ease with myself takes a lot of the stress out of every day living.
Q. Life Love Beauty – Can meditation help the following things, or others?

Beauty of nature can enhance your experience. (photo courtesy of Ellie Peterson – Meditating while moving has helped myself and others:

– maintain a positive “can do” attitude
– release stress and tension
– replace bad habits like smoking with positive habits
– increase self-esteem and improve self-image
– feel energized and excited about life
Q. Life Love Beauty – How often should people meditate if wanting to change or improve something in their life? Daily / Weekly? How long?

A. Ellie Peterson – I have found that meditating while moving works best everyday.  If a person can apply the technique for even 5 minutes that is helpful.  We wouldn’t think of not eating every day. So it is with the movement meditation.  For the body to reap benefits, I recommend working out at least 20 – 30 minutes a day.

Beautiful views can enhance meditation. (photo courtesy of Lisa Solonynko,

Q. Life Love Beauty – Does more meditation = better results, more goals achieved?  

A. Ellie Peterson – Change occurs slowly – one movement and one affirmation mantra at a time.  People need to listen to their own bodies and self talk. The meditation provides clarity and allows a person’s own answers to come. Living in the present moment can be a result.
Q. Life Love Beauty – How do people get started in meditation? Can they just do it, or will they be better off to take a class or read a book, etc.?  

A. Ellie Peterson – It depends on how a person learns.  I recommend trying meditation on your own by reading a book and then perhaps attending a class if the person wants more hands on instructions.


About the Expert:
Ellie Peterson is an author and meditation / exercise instructor who focuses on positive affirmations, yoga movements, and aerobics in her DVD, Power of Positive Aerobics, and in her book, Meditative Movements – Affirm Your Self, Move Your Body, Change Your Life. For more information or to purchase her book or DVD, visit Ellie’s Meditative Movements online at

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