2009 Haircuts and Hairstyle Trends for Mature and Sophisticated Women

Many women love to sport a new hairstyle or haircut when the New Year arrives. If you haven’t gotten your new haircut just yet, you are in luck. The expert verdicts are in and the haircut and hairstyle trends for 2009 are here for the taking. Check out these expert suggestions for 2009 haircuts and hairstyles for mature and sophisticated women.

Mature women who want to appear sophisticated can truly benefit from a classy haircut that keeps up with the times. Before you visit your favorite hairstylist or salon, consider all your options and review the Internet and your favorite magazines for a few 2009 haircuts and hairstyle trends that you might like to try for giving yourself a mature, sophisticated look. As the year wears on, keep an eye on the celebrities for further tips on trendy haircuts and hairstyles.

Arlene Castro, Celebrity Hair Stylist from Say it With STYLE (www.sayitwith-style.com), suggests a few haircuts that look great for mature 40+ women.

“For 2009, you can already see that pin straight hair is out and body / volume are in,” says Castro. “The pixie cut is back with a vengeance – Victoria Beckham is picking up where Haley and Sharon Stone left off.  As for longer hair on women 40+, it should definitely not be much longer than a little past the shoulders.  I find that there’s a big misconception that older women should always cut their hair off after a certain age but I disagree, being that it can be an accessory to deflect attention from maturing skin.  Full frontal bangs and fringe are also in and make the very popular side bangs / fringe soooo last year.”

Celebrity Hair Stylist Sarah Williams from Say it With STYLE (www.sayitwith-style.com) suggests a few styling tips to “create beautiful waves for an undone look for evening or day.” Williams’ tips for a mature, sophisticated hairstyle for 2009 are as follows:

1.    Wash hair day before so that when ready to style the hair has texture.
2.    Blow-dry with round brush to add volume.
3.    Using a one-inch curling iron, take 1/4 inch sections and wrap pieces around the barrel of the iron.
4.    Hold for five seconds and let loose to create a beautiful wave of tight uniform curls.

Looking Great in a Declining Economy – Tips on Saving Money on Hair Cuts
Nelson Chan, “Best of LA 2008 Winner” and Celebrity Haircolorist of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, shares advice for saving money on haircuts by reducing the frequency of visits and being creative in styling hair in-between the salon visits.

Chan suggests always visiting the hairdresser to maintain the shape and health of your hair. For clients with short hair, Chan recommends getting a trim every six weeks. For clients with long hair, he suggests waiting up to 12 weeks before getting a cut.

“While you are waiting for the next cut, I recommend styling your hair creatively with hot rollers or a curling iron, or else putting it into a ponytail to keep the hair looking smart, sexy and fun,” Chan says.


About the Experts:

For more information, see www.sayitwith-style.com.

Nelson Chan is a “Best of LA 2008 Winner” and Celebrity Haircolorist of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills. For more information, visit www.nelsonjsalon.com.

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