Romantic Valentine’s Day Manicures and Valentine Nail Polish Colors

Valentine’s Day nail polish colors and Valentine manicures can truly be anything you want them to be. Pretty painted fingernails offer a wonderful accent to an outfit as well as one’s appearance anytime or for any special occasion. If you want to try some romantic Valentine’s Day nail polish colors, use your own creativity to match up nail polish hues that will look great with your Valentine’s Day outfit, or simply consider the nail polish colors suggested for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you plan to do your own Valentine’s Day manicure or if you plan to visit a salon to have your fingernails professionally done, having an idea of the colors you want to wear can really help to get things going without a hitch. A Valentine’s Day French manicure is a fabulous idea for romantic nails, but you can experiment with a variety of nail polish colors to find the best shades for you.

Soft, Pearly, or Iridescent White Nail Polish Colors

Soft whites, pearly tones, and glimmery iridescent shades of nail polish are a great pick for Valentine’s Day manicures.

OPI Oh So Glam! - Available at Amazon.comOPI Oh So Glam! nail polish is a lovely soft white iridescent tone that looks really pretty for any occasion. It is a soft and neutral tone that is elegant at the same time. I tried some of the other OPI nail polish colors in a similar vein – Pearls Night Out, Kiss on the Chic, and Makes Men Blush, but Oh So Glam! was my favorite out of all four. Any of these colors would make a lovely shade for a Valentine’s Day manicure (or paired for a beautiful Valentine’s Day French manicure!).

Depending on the shape of your nail bed and your skin tone, you may like one of these other OPI shades, or a pale or nude pink or pearly white nail polish color in general.

Classic Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Colors
Nubar zeroed in on the classic nail polish colors for Valentine’s Day – Nubar’s Hypnotic Valentine Mini Tote Collection contains Sexy Red, Oh Baby Pink, Diamont Seal & Shine, and Nubar Foundation Nail Base Coat. All Nubar products are nontoxic and free from Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and Toluene, making Nubar nail polishes a healthy alternative for pretty painted nails.

Crimson Red nail polish by Sula, available at Amazon.comAnother color choice to consider is a red nail polish – Crimson Red nail polish by Sula. This red nail polish looks like it has a hint of bright pink in the bottle, yet when applied to the nails, the nail polish has slight orange undertones. The color is a welcome change from fire engine red, and it’s easy to apply and even easier to remove. Sula nail polish is Phthalate-free and Formaldehyde-free as well as all around nontoxic.

Valentine’s Day French Manicure
If you’ve got a bottle of pink or nude colored nail polish and a bottle of white, pearl, or off white colored nail polish, you are all set to create your own Valentine’s Day French manicure. If you prefer a professional French manicure for Valentine’s Day, schedule an appointment with your favorite nail artist or technician a few days before the holiday.

To create your own Valentine’s Day French manicure, follow the steps for a regular French manicure here, and then add your own special adornment. As an adornment, you might consider adding a single rhinestone, a diagonal line of glitter nail polish, a small heart nail design, or even a Valentine’s Day nail decal.

* * *

Valentine’s Day manicures and Valentine nail polish colors can be a lot of fun. Take your time in coming up with the perfect look for your fingernails – whether you prefer the classic reds or pinks, or a pearly or opulent shade of white or nude instead. As long as you leave yourself enough time to practice, you should be able to try a few different Valentine manicures and Valentine’s Day nail polish colors before settling on a favorite. Regardless of how many tries it takes you, we hope you enjoy your romantic fingernails!

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