How to Get a Clean, Clear Complexion – In Time for Your Wedding, Prom, or Other Special Event

Big events like your prom, graduation, or your wedding call for the most picture-perfect complexion of all. Oily skin can put a damper on your photo ops, causing your face to look shiny in your snapshots. It’s easy to get a clean and clear complexion in time for your prom, wedding, graduation, or other special event if you follow a dedicated beauty regimen and a healthier diet leading up to the big day. To get great skin and a beautiful complexion in time for your special occasion, follow these simple guidelines about skincare and dietary do’s and don’ts.

The best way to get a clean and clear complexion in a short period of time is to adhere to a strict cleansing routine coupled with a better diet and higher water intake. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “You are what you eat.” Think about that next time you gorge yourself on those yummy French fries or potato chips!

Cleansing of the Skin and Cleansing of the Body

Water cleanses the body of its natural toxins. By drinking larger quantities of water and hydrating ourselves, the body is better able to release the dirt and oils that build up inside our pores. Also, it’s been said that exercising can help rid the face of oil and pimples too, by encouraging pore cleansing perspiration. So hydrate your body with water and exercise a couple times a week – it’s good for you any way you slice it!

One of my favorite tricks to clean up my complexion is a vigorous face scrub like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, followed by a deep cleansing clay facial masque like Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. These products and similar ones seem to zap the oil right out of the skin’s pores, leaving your face clean, soft, smooth, and clearer than it was prior to the at-home treatment. The best thing of all is that these facial scrub and facial masque products are quite gentle, and they don’t require a lot of time to be added to your weekly routine.

St. Ives offers several Apricot Scrub products for different skin types and complexions. Queen Helene also offers peel-off masques delivering different skin purifying ingredients, antioxidants, and fragrances. Using St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque gives me cleaner skin almost immediately, but you should allow at least a week or two for your body to adjust to the new cleansing routine.

Read on for some more specific tips to help clean up your complexion and to get healthier, clear skin in time for your special day.

The Joys and Perils of Chocolate

While much research says chocolate does not cause pimples, acne, or other facial blemishes, my own little experiment begs to differ. I gave up chocolate for at least a month prior to my wedding. I felt guilty even eating a chocolate chip bagel, so I tried to avoid chocolate altogether. While chocolate is one of my most favorite things, the thought of a huge pimple or an oily sheen to my skin made me cringe. I didn’t want to worry about slopping makeup over red pimples or swollen spots on my face on my wedding day. All I wanted to worry about was walking down the aisle without tripping and making it through my vows without fainting.

In my own experiences, chocolate can swiftly and easily clog my pores, contributing to the amount of oil and the number of blemishes I get. While chocolate serves as my favorite pick-me-up, it also contributes to the condition of my skin. Perhaps science and studies may say this is an illusion, but I believe otherwise. From the day that I gave up chocolate leading up until my wedding day, I only saw my face getting clearer and my complexion becoming cleaner and more beautiful. I didn’t suffer from a single pimple on my wedding day!

Now I am not saying that giving up chocolate will definitely seal the deal for you, but you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it!

Tips to help prevent pimples and oily blemishes on your skin:

1. Drink lots of water.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Cleanse your face at least twice daily.

4. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week.

5. Try a product with salicylic acid. It works wonders for clearing up the skin and keeping those pores clean!

6. Use St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub – it contains salicylic acid and it does a marvelous job at drying up the oil on your face. I use it every day.

7. Try a clay facial masque or facial mud masque at least once a week. Apply it to your face after normal cleansing and allow it to harden. As it dries, you’ll see the areas with the most oil and you will literally see where the facial masque has lifted the oils from your pores. Bye bye pimples!

8. If you do have a pimple under the surface, don’t touch! Instead, apply 10% benzyl peroxide solution to the blemish and leave it on overnight. A word of caution – these products can often cause bleaching of fabrics, so try not to get it on your good pillowcases!

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2 thoughts on “How to Get a Clean, Clear Complexion – In Time for Your Wedding, Prom, or Other Special Event

  1. drinking water and steaming your face is a great idea,it really helps.Also i find keeping your hair up and wearing no make up(even when your just in the house) is really effective!

  2. I think the cheapest most effective solution is WATER… DRINK LOTS OF IT and steam your face with it.. .don’t’ have a steamer? Fine…got a pot? Great! Boil some water and put it on a holder/towel. Drape a towel over your head and lean over and sweat for a while… amazing results and FREE…don’t buy crap…use what nature gave you..

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