Tips on How to Relax and Free Yourself from Stress

A hot bath can help to wash your cares away.

Many women – and even men – tend to agree on a lot of really great tips for how to relax and free yourself from stress. From hot bubble baths and candles to music, reading, or even a glass of wine, many people find comfort in these common things.

However, a number of additional tips to relax and free yourself from stress could make all the difference in your life. Consider these tips for escaping stress and finding relaxation in your life.

Reader Suggestions on How to Relax and Escape Stress in Your Life

“I take a long bath with candles and soft music.”
– Theresa Clift

“I have found that NOTHING beats a good relaxing bubble bath with a wonderful book. That is how I relax.”
– Shelley Krush, NV

“To relax – At the end of the day, before bed I reward myself with a nice hot bubble bath, complete with candle light.  Number two for relaxing is a candy bar and a novel.  Number three is just the candy bar….am I suppose to admit that?  Number four is muscle flexing – making a fist and opening my hand, opening and closing…”
– Diane Baum, MI

“My tip is to always before going to bed, place wet cold pack or wash cloth over eyes, it will help you get rid of dark colors under your eyes.”
– Mary Teneyck, FL

“To relax – hot bubble bath and a good book.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“To free yourself of stress: If I have had a stressful day, I try to make some time for myself at the end of the day. I light lavender candles and try to take a soothing bubble bath. That quiet time will really calm your nerves and help you handle things.”
– Heather Simone, GA

“I pamper myself each morning with scented lotion. Depending on my mood, I may pick something earthy, sweet, floral or spicy. The aromatherapy starts my day off on a positive note.”
– Mary Beth Isaac, NC

“Relaxation  tip:  Light a lot of tealight candles, play new age music and sip a steaming mug of herbal tea.”
– Doreen Kuneck, CA

– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

“When I want to relax, I usually draw a hot bath, put on some soft music and pour myself a glass of wine.”
– Laura Griggs, TX

“I find that just putting on my favorite music and drinking a glass of wine always helps me to feel relaxed and takes my stress away!”
– Jean Hallinan, NY

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress – Take a few minutes and take a walk in the park or have a hot cup of tea and read a good book.”
– Joan Olson, FL

“How to relax and free yourself from stress: Closing my eyes and imagining the perfect life / situation, and really FEELING how I’d feel in that situation. That’s the exciting part.”
– James Edward Anderson, NY

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress: get one or two massages a week to avoid stress on your wallet… go to a reputable massage therapy school, go to the school clinic.”
– Amy Lutz, NM

A hot bath can help to wash your cares away.

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress — Exercise really helps me relax!”
– Heather Slater, WA
“How to relax and free yourself from stress  – A long hot bubble bath with scented candles.“
– Jennifer Tanner, GA

“My tip is to do breathing exercises to relax. I was taught to breathe in for a count of two then breathe out for another count of two actually counting as you go. I was told this helps with pain management also.”
– Joni Chadwell, PA

“I take a bubble bath to relax.”
– Floyd Jenkins, FL

“I like to sit down with a good book and just ignore the rest of the world.  This gives me great mental stimulation without any pressure to “’perform’ at something.  Plus it is something that is ‘just for me’.  I could get lost in a book for hours on end.”
– Melanie Horan, NJ

“To relax and free yourself from stress, take a warm shower and lay down and read a good book.”
– Janet L. Mahurin, OK

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