Telephone Calling Strategy in Business, Friendships and New Relationships

People all have a different feeling when it comes to using the phone in new relationships and even established relationships. Communication is important in all kinds of relationships. (photo courtesy of a telephone strategy in a new relationship can have a variety of impacts on your relationship.

When two people first begin seeing each other, they’ll grow together as they learn more and more about the other person. Some people may be shy in a new relationship and may wish for the other person to call them instead. Some people may be more outgoing and very comfortable with using the phone, making initial contact in a new relationship seem much more natural. Some people may be indifferent to using the phone, using it as needed for brief or lengthy conversations.

Whatever the case, it is important to be open and honest about how you feel and express your feelings as appropriate. If you prefer in-person meetings rather than phone conversations, be sure to share that with your new love interest. Work together to establish a comfortable communication style in your new relationships.

Life Love Beauty readers share their feelings on using the phone in general and also which kinds of conversations they prefer. Read on for more details, or see any of our related articles on telephone strategy in new relationships.

Telephone Conversations and Using the Phone in General
“Phones have become necessary conveniences. They allow us to connect with family and friends as well as do business without leaving our homes. Perhaps best of all they are the sentries of our lives since when even a hint of danger threatens all we have to do is press 911. My phone use is quick and direct.  As much as I appreciate my phone I believe it should not replace in-person interaction.”
– Pat Nieh, CA

“My phone style is short but sweet.  I cover all topics in a timely manner.”
– Deb Berg, MN

“Phone style:  I tend to have long phone calls with those closest to me and quick phone calls with everyone else.  Sometimes I really need to hear the voices of loved ones, especially those who live far away.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

“It really depends on who I’m calling but with friends my phone conversation style is long conversation. There are so many different things to talk about even without gossip etc. I love a long conversation about what’s happening, what is going to happen, what we wish would happen. LOL”
– Catherine Frausto, CO

“Talk the ears off a tree – I could talk on the phone from sunrise to sunset! I’m really quiet in person but stick a phone in my hand and it’s like someone punctured a word balloon!”
– Jeffrey Gardner, NC

“I usually call only when I need something or want to ask someone to do something with me. I usually ramble but eventually get to my point. If someone wants to have an actual conversation then I’ll put in a little more effort!”
– Samantha Pruitt, CA

“I tend to talk long on the phone.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“Freestyle phone call – I don’t have a style because I am hard of hearing.”
– Floyd Jenkins, FL

“I guess since I am married, any ‘new relationships’ are new friends.  I am usually hesitant to make a call at first.  I tend to have to take a deep breath and just do it.  For first calls, I often don’t leave a message, but am getting better about that. I do try to not call too often as I do not want to seem too pushy (or desperate).  My phone conversation style is often long calls that include a lot of plain friendly gabbing. I even small-talk on business calls.”
– Melanie Horan, NJ

“I make quick calls to only a few businesses, otherwise, I use email to talk to people I know.”
– Ron Frakes, IL

“Quick efficient calls, I can’t hang around on the phone with a three year old and a 19 month old demanding your attention.”
– Katharine Davis, IA

“I chill out in my recliner as I converse with my friends about our buddies and families. We share our thoughts and aspirations. We discuss relatives and the antics they get into. Our neighbors wonder what in the world we are laughing about but we don’t have a care in the world.”
– Randy A. Young, MS

“When I am in a new relationship I find out what they person is comfortable with and this way they can find out the same thing about me. The best solution I have found for this is to be honest and upfront when the relationship begins. Some men love the attention while others feel as if you are crowding them. When we both understand what works best for both of us then there is never any misunderstanding! I think that when you begin a relationship by talking about situations which can and probably will come up then the relationship is so much better as there is no second guessing!

“My conversation style is different for different people. Some of my friends are not big on phone calls, so I tend to make quick phone calls and get to the point. I pretty much play it by ear as if I think the person is ready to end the conversation then I politely do it first so they are not uncomfortable with being the first person to say goodbye.  If it is with a co-worker about my job then I try and call and keep it short. If it is one of my closest friends then I kick off the shoes, grab a can of diet coke and the gab fest is on!”
– Rachel Robertson, MS

“I leave messages for anyone that does not answer; whether it is for companies or friends, or family.  I leave quick message usually, because I never know when the answering machine I am calling will turn off.”
– Marilyn Wons, FL

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