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No Playing Games in Relationships – Call as Often as You Want and Let the Person Know How You Feel

While everyone has his or her own different perspective and attitude going into a new relationships, many people find that honesty and being himself or herself are the best policies. Playing games in a relationship could include having a strategy, employing dating tactics, or playing hard to get when getting to know someone.

For someone to get to know you for who you really are, avoiding these games and tactics may be the best way to proceed in a new relationship. Of course, personality characteristics such as being shy or being especially flirtatious or outgoing may aid in your interactions with a love interest in a new relationship.

Consider these tips from our readers as you prepare to move into a new relationship. Communication in a new relationship is vital to establishing a good foundation and getting to know each other. So be brave, be yourself, and get to know your new significant other and let him or her get to know you, too!

“I call, leave messages, and text whenever I want to: I want my partner to know exactly how I feel about them. What is your phone conversation style: I prefer not to talk when in public, so it’s only when I need something. However, if I have privacy, I can talk forever!”
– James Edward Anderson, NY

“I’m married but I’m not into calling I wait till they call, if I do call I leave a message because I hate when people call me and hang up.  I guess I’m not into games.  If I like them I let them know, its always worked for me.  If I need to call them for some reason I do. I like quick calls, don’t want to bother anyone.  Except for friends and family who all live far away.”
– Amy Lutz, NM

“In a new relationship, I arrange a day and time to call, and I call then. If the person I’m calling doesn’t answer, I leave a brief message. I don’t call again because the other person knew when I’d be calling, so barring something really important, he should have been there to take my call if he wanted to talk to me. If he calls me back, I don’t ask him 20 questions about why he wasn’t there to take my call, because I’m an adult and assume he is, too.

“Generally, my phone style is brief and to the point; I really don’t like “visiting” on the phone. I know that others like it, though, so I’m fine with staying on the phone for a while.”
– Deb Rosen, WV

“I have no strategy.”
– Brian Grasso, CA

“We’ve all heard about the man or woman who just came on too strong…  and we’re each a little afraid of ever receiving that “desperate” stamp on foreheads because of seeming too clingy.  Right?  Well it shouldn’t be that way, it’s really a silly fear to have.  The greatest pleasure that being in love can bring to our lives is that we don’t have to be ruled by our inhibitions and timeframes, we can just be ourselves and be happy.

“I simply do what my heart tells me to do, it’s really as simple as that.  I have *NO* “calling stategy” in a relationship and I really don’t think anyone else should have one either…  the mere phrase – calling strategy – implies “PLAYER!” and that’s something we’d all like to avoid.  Would you like to call your new significant other?  Call them!  If after hanging up you’d like to call them right back because it thrills you just to talk to them…  do it!  If you’d like to send a text every few hours just to be sure you’re on their mind, do it!  Want to send five texts in a row?  Go for it!  Be yourself and keep it real, and if the other person isn’t keeping it just as real as you are then perhaps they’d be better off with another player just like they are because YOU are no player…  you’re real…  right?  RIGHT??

“The only rule anyone should ever follow is this:
If you aren’t so crazy about the person that you can’t resist maintaining frequent contact with them, then find someone you ARE that crazy about because everyone deserves to feel passionate about the person in their life…  if you don’t, something isn’t right!  And needless to say, if your passion for someone isn’t reciprocated… keep moving until it is!

“There are more than enough players out there in the sea of singles, so please people…  don’t add to their numbers by using a “calling strategy”.  Be real or be nothing.”  =)
– Stephen Saunders, VA

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