33-Tips on Coping with Stress in Your Life

Stress comes and goes, often sparked by certain factors in our lives, such as work, chores and obligations, finances, and so forth. Take a relaxing bath to relieve stress in your life.If no stress relief tips are followed, stress can grow to the extreme. Thankfully, stress relief tips come naturally for a number of people. From reading and taking time to relax to exercising and more, stress relief and stress management can be achieved.

Here our readers share a wealth of stress relief tips that work for them. If you need a boost in the right direction to escape your own stress, consider these stress relief tips and relaxation tips. Recharge your batteries and renew your life while coping with stress and finding ways to escape the hard times.

Tips on How to Manage Stress or Deal with Stress in Your Life

“Stress Tip: To manage stress — whenever I feel stress — I ALWAYS try to get out my frustrations — whatever they are — if I am angry or upset… they I try to get those emotions out.  It’s not healthy to keep them in.  If I am sad–then I will cry.  I have learned that bottling up feelings is just not healthy.” – Shelley Krush, NV

“To manage stress – I try to make more organization in my life. This is very difficult for someone like me.  I start with buying a calendar that you can keep in your purse and making myself write down everything that I have to do for the day.”
– Diane Baum, MI

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life- Keep a sense of humor, laughing is healthier then yelling.”
– Katharine Davis, IA

Meditate or take the time to enjoy nature. (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)“To manage stress – never be afraid to ask for help.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“To deal with stress: I find that keeping lists and staying organized helps me deal with daily stress. I get pulled in many directions and my list helps me prioritize things. There are always surprises that come up and when they do if I find them overwhelming, I walk away to a quiet area and take deep breaths. That helps me get in control again and makes it easier to face the problems.”
– Heather Simone, GA

“Tip to manage or deal with stress in your life — listen to the iPod.”
– Kendra Gillilan, CO

“My tip for handling stress – I have a new mantra that I say to myself. It is ‘I will be ok each and every day.’ I have this written in Lipstick on my bathroom mirror.”
– Kelly Ann Thuet, MO

“Don’t worry about things you can’t control.”
– Susan Varney, ME

“How to manage or deal with stress in your life – I listen to guided imagery and do yoga.”
– Carol Drury, MD

“When you go to bed, imagine you are wrapping up all the day’s bad things into a trash bag then tossing it away into the trash. Corny, but it does help.”
– Debbie Christie, KY

“Stress tip: I try to do one relaxing thing each day such as read a book or take a bubble bath.”
– Alecia Gibson, MN

“Manage stress tip:  Spend plenty of moments throughout the day focusing on the pleasurable aspects of life.  For example:  looking at/smelling a flower, watching the aquarium fish, smelling the perfume on your wrist, smile at self in mirror, stroke your child’s hair, kiss them on the forehead, and whisper, ‘I love you’.”
– Doreen Kuneck, CA

“Stress tip: comfortable clothes (loungewear), good movie or talk with my husband, and a great wine and just relax.”
– Julia Smith, OH

“I like to take a nice long bubble bath with candles and some relaxing music when I’m stressed.”
– Jessica Lewis, NC

“My stress tip is quick and it’s free. Just take some very deep breathes and try to relax. Then count to 10. By the time you get to 5 you should feel better.”
– Donna Cohn, MA

“To deal with stress: It is important to take time out for oneself to get some rest and refresh oneself.  When I am stressed, I will ask my husband to watch the kids to that I can read or nap or finish up something that is bugging me and needs to get done.  I also like to focus on how I overcame stressful situations in the past.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

“I deal with stress in my life by taking long walks with my favorite Christian jams. They help me to get the focus off of me and back onto God.”
– Laura Griggs, TX

“Stress tip – I make sure I get at least 30 minutes of pure alone time every day.  With 6 kids, it’s not always so easy to de-stress.”
– Tammy Marshall, CA

“Stress tip – when life gets you down just buy yourself a bottle of tequila… or just listen to the song.”
– Samantha Pruitt, CA

“I do a form of deep breathing in one nostril and out the other then do certain acupuncture with my fingernails while I deep breathe. I indulge in a brownie if really stressed.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“Stress tip: If you are stressed, calm yourself by concentrating on the sound of your own breathing, and think about something that made you happy.”
–  Kayce Crews, TN

“Stress tip – I find that just calling up a friend to talk helps me to manage my stress.”
– Jean Hallinan, NY

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life – Do not let the things I cannot control bother me.”
– Joan Olson, FL

“How to manage or deal with stress in your life: Close my eyes and imagine everything the way I would like it to be.  It excites me and motivates me to do what I can to change the situation.”
– James Edward Anderson, NY

“I go running.”
– Ed Nemmers, IL

“Reading is a great stress reducer! Any book on any subject works, as long as it transports you from your present situation to a place where you do not have to think about the pain of life.”
– Kayleigh Ann Farris, CA

“To deal with stress I take the vitamin, Melatonin. To reduce stress, I try to keep everything in my house orderly and tidy – that way I don’t get stressed out about a mess!”
– Suzy Horvath, OR

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life — Exercise! And plenty of sleep. ”
– Heather Slater, WA

“When I am stressed I usually work out! It makes me feel better!”
– Jennifer Tanner, GA

“I think the best stress relief for me is sitting in a nice hot bubble bath, and my tub has jets so that really helps with the physical stress. For emotion stress I sit down with a good book and escape into it.”
– Michael Pease, VT

“I read books to deal with stress, take long hot baths, watch YouTube, play games on the computer & listen to Paolo Nutini.”
– Marcy Lynn Strahan, TX

“To manage or deal with stress in your life, pray.”
– Janet L. Mahurin, OK

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