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Food Ideas for Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties call for dynamite menus and exciting food ideas for Super Bowl party munchies. Chips and salsa, endless varieties of hot and cold dips, and meat and cheese trays or veggie trays are just the beginning. Don’t forget about main courses, appetizers, sides, and desserts.

You may want to find a way to keep the food warm or allow guests to serve themselves as needed, which allows you to be able to enjoy the Super Bowl and the commercials, food, and party atmosphere just as much as your guests enjoy it all.

Tips on food ideas for Super Bowl parties and how to serve the food are all included here, compliments of Life Love Beauty readers. Read on for suggestions on how to host fabulous Super Bowl parties with great food ideas and food preparation and serving tips.

Super Bowl Parties, Super Food Ideas, and Football Party Planning Tips
What is the best dish to serve at modern Super Bowl parties? What are the most popular menu items for watching the Super Bowl at home? Find out what Life Love Beauty readers suggest as their favorite Super Bowl party food ideas.

“My favorite thing for Super Bowl parties is: the large can of Hormel Chili – no beans, 1 jar salsa and one pound of Velveeta.  Heat and serve as a dip. Just delicious.”
– Cheryl Riecke, LA

“My family loves the Super Bowl! We make a ton of snacks and sit around the big-screen to see the Big Game. My favorite Super Bowl snack is a taco dip that layers of ground beef, sour cream, and taco toppings.  And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Pace salsa! Delicious!”
– Sarah Zappe, PA

“Make homemade egg rolls the day before and you’re all set.”
– Susan Varney, ME

“Super Bowl Party tip: don’t run out of food or drink!”
– Joanne Schultz, NY

“My Super Bowl party tip is to make foods or have friends bring foods that are representative of the teams playing — makes the atmosphere a little more festive when what you eat is just as much of a part of the teams cheered for!”
– Amy Mayer, NC

“We have four small crock pots that we put warm dips…our favorite is a bar of cream cheese warmed in a can of our favorite chili… kind of an updated version of bean dip.  We also have four cold dips and the buffet includes veggie trays, plain potato chips, corn chips, pretzels and tortilla chips!”
– Cynthia Karen Smith, NV

“Have a large variety of foods to serve.  Some popular snacks served include pizza, chips and salsa, chili, potato chips, nachos and wings.  Serve healthy snacks like vegetables, popcorn and pretzels for those watching their weight.  Offer both alcohol and non alcoholic beverages.  Let other people bring food if they offer. Jazz it up; have some fun with it! Find out the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl and create foods using those colors. Punches are easy to create in whatever colors you want, and food, as well, can be dyed to show off your team spirit.”
– Susan Smith, KS

“My tip would be to set up a buffet of many different dishes / foods.  People love all-you-can-eat variety.”
– Frank & Denise Blados

“For a football or any other party, we like plain old tortilla chips with melted Kraft Mexican cheeses sprinkled on and then microwave briefly to melt then cheese.  Of course, we then dip them in our favorite salsa.”
– Dee Sachs, CO

“Usually we order Pizza for super bowl. So no need to cook or clean up – And yes, Pizza can be dipped in Salsa. I prefer the hot and spicy variety.”
– Lester Huffmire, CA

“Make it a potluck so everyone shares the burden.  I love to make green salsa and have it with Fritos.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“My tip for Super Bowl parties is always to keep it simple! The game stays on fairly late and who wants to be up cleaning into the night!?! Clean as you go and make it easy on yourself!”
– Casey Halladay, NY

“There are so many easy ways to make salsa extra special for the big game. I like to soften some cream cheese, place it in a bowl and pour salsa over it. It’s great with tortilla or corn chips.”
– Julie Keilty, CT

“TIP:  Open up and have fun.  Keep plenty to drink and a lot of Pace sauce and chips!”
– Tommy Amos, VA

“The best tip I can really give is to never run out of chips.  Also, the key to throwing a good Super Bowl party is to never run out of beer.  I have been to parties that run out of beer way before the game starts.  Also, football number boards are a great way to keep everyone’s interest going nonstop for the entire game. The key is to keep everyone happy who is at your party.”
– Jason Nickolay, MN

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Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party food tips!

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