Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips

The Super Bowl comes around once a year, so make sure you make the most of it and the time you can spend with family and friends on Super Bowl Sunday. The perfect components to a fabulous Super Bowl Party - Remote, chips and dip, and of course, football! (Photo courtesy of it comes to Super Bowl party entertaining tips and suggestions for how to have a great Super Bowl party, some of the best tips come from word of mouth.

Pay special attention to the kinds of Super Bowl parties your friends and family members host and you’re sure to pick up a few great tips here and there. Beyond immediate connections to fun and exciting Super Bowl party entertaining ideas, you can surely find dozens if not hundreds of fabulous Super Bowl party suggestions online.

Here are a bunch of our readers’ favorite Super Bowl party planning tips and entertaining ideas for a fun and exciting football party in your own home. Consider these Super Bowl tips for a great party for friends, family – especially your kids, and all you invite.

Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips from our Readers
Life Love Beauty readers kindly shared their favorite Super Bowl entertaining tips. Here are the top suggestions for how to host a fun and exciting Super Bowl party at your own home:

“Invite family and friends over to watch the Super Bowl with you. If your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, then just pick a team to support, or just have everyone support their favorite team. Have everyone bring a food item.  And enjoy the game and excitement of the Super Bowl, which only comes once a year.”
– Patricia Treskovich, PA

“When you have a Super Bowl party, don’t be biased about who cheers for what team. It’s often more fun if there is a rivalry! Make both sides comfortable and welcome (even if they are a Cardinals fan).”
– Katie Smerick, PA

“The first tip is who you invite. You want some friends that get into the game. Then the food, you have to spend the extra money and get the quality spices, ingredients or the best caterer around. Then it’s the atmosphere – I mean put up some posters or balloons. Keep the food hot and accessible all through the evening. And have a wet bar available for refreshments. Have a big cake for the team you want to win. My recipe is Pace Salsa and I cut up tomatoes, pepper, onion, and add ketchup, and a little horseradish, sour cream, mix and serve Guacamole too.”
– David Puglisi, MO

The perfect components to a fabulous Super Bowl Party - Remote, chips and dip, and of course, football! (Photo courtesy of“For a successful Super Bowl party, have the game on in multiple rooms, and have them designated as ‘Serious Fans’, ‘Commercials Only’, and ‘We’re socializing during the whole game’.  This way those who want to watch the game without interruption about how cute a player is (and believe me it could happen this year since the Steelers are playing!) 😉  but those who want to watch without interruption can do so, and those who want to comment on things can do so without disturbing others.”
– Jennifer Short, WV

“My tip is that you cook two days in advance so that all you have to do is reheat and the only stuff that you cook on the day of is anything fresh, like fresh fruit, veggies and anything with whip cream or egg whites in to keep these in their fragile states (without weeping).”
– MaryAnne Johnson, NY

“Keep plenty of the different varieties of Pepsi, especially Max. Guests can drink lots of this and stay sober and drive home safely.”
– Dorothy Rozdilsky, IN

“For my Super Bowl party we will have a gaming pool on just about everything from score to number of times the announcer says a certain word.”
– Leann Swinney, CA

“My favorite tip is prepare ahead – like making food ahead and making items them freezing to pop in oven later. Have a cooler out in the living room so there is no walking all around. We have a  all age party where the kids have their own party and watch movies and play games – the ones who want to watch there is a TV going for them too – TVs all over. Relax and breathe- enjoy the game- wear comfy clothes and remember it’s time to have fun, not be a restaurant so have enough jarred salsa and bagged chips, enough drinks and  enjoy. Another big tip is if there is drinking of any kind take away the keys as they walk in the door – one person determines if they are ok to drive and always have a designated driver.”
– Sandy Dulany, AR

“My tip: I let the kids plan a Super Bowl party every year. They are ages 13, 10, and 7. They make a football cake, veggie dip tray, hang streamers and balloons in team colors, make posters, etc… I try to get as much as I can from the dollar store, because we can’t spend too much on this (that’s where
the prize pack would come in handy!). Every year, dad is so ‘surprised’ when he walks into the living room for game time, like he never saw that coming, and the kids are so proud of themselves.”
– Paula Harmon, MI

“My favorite party tip is; DON’T FORGET THE KIDS! We always plan two parties, one for the super bowl in the living room and one for the kids in the playroom. They also have special snacks and games to play!”
– Heather Slater, WA

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Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party entertaining tips!

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